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I guess you are lucky enough not to suffer through a mental disorder. His drastic decision despite those successes show that depression is real. Unfortunately we live in a society where we no longer care about treating people with mental health disorders.
You seem to think authors are solely responsible for content. Read any popular book. The authors generally thank a long list of people, many of them who work at the publisher. These people include a variety of editors, proof readers, etc. Very few popular books get released without publishers spending a good amount of time and expense polishing the material. Your essentially advocating for a system where those resources are not sunk into publishing. No thanks.It is telling...
For $90 a month you can do the same on T-Mobile.
I think Gruber's comment is being taken to mean something he did not intend. Gruber is usually very careful about what he posts and is generally respectful of Apple. That is why he gets press invites.
It isn't reasonable for two reasons. First, Amazon is using its monopoly status in traditional online book sales to force concessions in an entirely different market: Ebooks. That is anti-trust 101. Second, why should Amazon, a retailer, get to determine how much a book is worth? The authors and publishers put the real work in. Moreover, Amazons math is fuzzy. It starts from two numbers 14.99 and 9.99 and concludes 9.99 is better. It, however, leaves out the in between...
Right because Apple hasn't been announcing the new iphone around he same time every year and Samsung doesn't have insider information based on it supplying some parts.
  Not sure where you are getting your information. There was a recent cross the country test comparing the big four's data networks in various states across the Country. Each company had areas in the Country where they excelled. On average, however,  AT&T came in first, with T-Mobile a very close second. Verizon was a close third place. Sprint was a distant fourth place.
 Verizon is transitioning to LTE. So, CDMA is pretty dead end long term. 
You should have the sarcasm tag there since OSX's graphic engine essentially is build on PDF rendering. It is why OSX has been able to print yo PDF from any app since it's inception.
And that plan is unlimited data, it is just after the 10GBs is used, it drops to 3G. TMobile also does not have a hard throttle policy other than in peak times it might drop the speeds of heavy data users.
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