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  You are a prime example of why the uptake has been slower. iOS 7 didn't require so much free space, so adoption was quicker. iOS 8 takes up over 5 GB, and most people just don't have the room or time and or patience to hook the device up to a computer to upgrade.
I had a real hard time finding a good case. Best buy ended up having the best selection. I went with a tech 21. It is a great case.
I walked into tmobile last weekend and asked for an iPhone 6 plus. I was given it immediately. The phone is great.
Dream on. I recently was in Baltimore shopping at whole foods and someone took my debit card and put my account $100 under the balance. My debit card was from KeyBank and by the time I got home to Michigan I had several messages on my phone claiming they were charging me a $25 day penalty for my overdrawn account. When I found out about the unauthorized transactions and let KeyBank no they didn't care at all and he spent a lot of time cussing at me on the phone.I had to...
You clearly haven't used either system. And you don't take into consideration the fact that most credit card companies award points for usage.further credit card companies don't charge 7%.
To be fair however the NFC systems are in place because of Google.
Except people still prefer them or they'd already be gone. That isn't changing unless 1) people spend within their means (e.g. Not on credit) and 2) an alternate easier method of paying exists. Let us be honest though our society can't sustain itself another hundred years.
  They love cash.
No I think losing a current revenue stream in the form of reoccurring prescription sales will hurt more. People go to these stores to get prescriptions and often times pick up other things while they are there. People taking prescriptions else place can be quantified. What you suggest inconveniences me and the cashier, but doesn't send as strong a message to the store. I do think emails to CEOs help.I live close to all three stores, so a switch is easy. As far as prices...
Your need doesn't undermine that it would be cool to have all your receipts centrally managed. Further, electronic receipts would suffice to prepare taxes. Your issue is unique to your accounting firm. I give my information via PDF, that is scanned via a scanner. A centralized receipt management system would make my life a lot easier. It would be cool to be able to tag them at the point of sale for relevance.
New Posts  All Forums: