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  Not really a good analog. Because a CD player can only play C.D.s. An iPod can play music from a variety of sources including from Apple's Music Store, ripped from traditional CDs, and downloaded from anywhere in MP3 format. Apple told people from the get go, that music bought on the iTunes Store could only be played on Apple devices. Moreover your analogy doesn't make clear if Sony or the music labels are dictating the lock in.
Good points.
  THE D.O.J.'s case against Apple over e-books was ludicrous. This case, although I disagree with, may have more merit. The issue is did Apple take action to prevent music bought on its stores from moving to other services. If so, was that a violation of anti-trust laws.
  No, the issue is that Apple didn't allow other online music stores to sell music to iPod users, and the music bought on iTunes didn't transfer to other devices. Real Networks created a work around to Fair Play that allowed music bought through its competing store to work in iTunes. I honestly don't think Apple should be found liable though. First, Jobs originally pushed for DRM free music, the labels, however, required the DRM. It was the labels, not Apple that required...
I have with two phones giving directions in the car at the same time. I prefer Apple Maps.
Doesn't seem like much a return on a 4.5 billion dollar purchase.
  Here is the thing, you are not the market. Clearly, people are purchasing the product. Further, assuming arguendo that you are correct and the product isn't great, Apple clearly can improve the product if necessary.
  You might not like Beats, but what is not to get? Apple will fully realize the purchase price in the sale of audio equipment in less than three years. Further, it now owns the Beats Music streaming services, which is quite good, and it can start utilizing that asset to improve Apple's music offerings ASAP. It also has acquired more shelve space for its products, thereby increasing its purchasing power. I wouldn't pay $300 for headphones, but apparently there are plenty...
 For a computer that takes phone calls that fits in my pocket, not really.
  You are a prime example of why the uptake has been slower. iOS 7 didn't require so much free space, so adoption was quicker. iOS 8 takes up over 5 GB, and most people just don't have the room or time and or patience to hook the device up to a computer to upgrade.
New Posts  All Forums: