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Maybe the 10 million it made?
YYes because the last Republican in the Office did so much better.
Strange some idiots said the same thing last year this time but yet Apple grew its iOS business by ten percent and it's Mac business as well. Moreover, analysts who provide poor guesses should be fired.
It seems odd Apple would go with Sapphire to cover the whole phone as opposed to just parts like the finger print sensor. Sapphire is harder than Gorilla Glass and thereby more scratch resistant, but it is also general thought to be way more expensive to produce and is heavier, less transparent, more breakable from impact, and extolls a higher environmental impact to produce.  
 Maybe you have big hands? Otherwise, I suspect many people might have a hard time reaching across the whole screen with their thumb. 
 Come on there was some development cost to the 5C in terms of developing the shell, but I get your point. Apple also  wants to preserve margins as well. You, however, have no proof the 5C is not selling well. An unnamed source from the Wallstreet Journal is hardly proof.  I suspect the iPhone 5C is selling fine. More importantly, it is taking up more space on third party shelves and websites. Right now, the iPhone 5C is listed in first place on T-Mobile's Top Selling...
 Yes, except there is no proof it is a flop. You do not get to claim that until 1) Apple releases numbers, or 2) Apple discontinues the product. This is purely subjective, but I know several people who have them. The Wallstreet Journal is wrong all the time, especially when it comes to Apple. The most recent time was when the Wallstreet Journal claimed Apple and China Mobile had a signed deal that the parties would announce on December 12. China Mobile than denied a deal...
 If Carl sells huge chunks repeatedly for several days it will move the stock downward unless there is heavy upward pressure. If the momentum goes down, others could sell as well. Especially people who also want Apple to buy the stock back. Those people most likely will get out after Apple's price goes up and levels out. 
I say BS. I suspect Apple will increase the screen size, but there will only be one size. I also doubt Apple will get rid of the 5C.
Earnings per share in terms of Apple is not even worth considering. For 2013 Apple earned something like $39.5 per share. Amazon was something like zero dollars, and Google something like $9. If you follow those numbers, Apple's stock should be much higher.
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