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 You would need an awful large amount of solar panels to fuel the furnaces needed to make sapphire. It will be interesting to see what Apple comes up with, but unless there has been a significant improvement in the manufacture of the material, the Corning executive is correct. 
 Patents are not about protecting the act of doing something, but the methodology of how something is accomplished. So two companies can both let users listen to voice messages live. and both can have patents provided the methodology is different. Moreover, and not that it necessarily matters, Apple's patent is dated to 2003, and Google Voice launched in 2009. Grand Central, the Company Google bought to acquire the technology, was formed in 2005. So, it is possible if...
"Snoop" come on! How is listening to a message meant for you snooping?
No, but it is libelous to report numbers you know are not true if the numbers damage Apple's reputation. 
Yes, but as an Apple investor you should. Those idiots are trying to undermine your investment, by putting out the false impression that iPad sales are falling. Major news sources pick up their headlines. 
  Yes, but this misses the point. I currently and a VW driver, but would never use an Android phone. I want iOS integration. How will vendors like VW, and Volvo deal with other phone platforms? I do not want Android on my dash, when I am using iOS on my phone. 
Looks nice. I wonder how the system will work with non Apple smartphones. This seems an area where car manufacturers would want to offer some usability to other platforms.
How has Apple's complexities out grown him? The guy hasn't done anything adverse to Apple's interests that I am aware of.
Rockstar is not considered a patent troll. The patents are owned by practicing entities, and the previous owner, also a practing entity sought licenses for the patents.
White guys are discriminated against all the time. All the world's problems are blamed on white guys. Affirmative action discriminates. More women are going to college then men, yet there are all kinds of assistance programs for women but not white men at colleges. 
New Posts  All Forums: