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Always a hater in every crowd.
Perhaps, but some people still want a built in optical drive.
There were many.
I am confused. Apple never denied the alledged back doors. It denied working with governing agencies to provide unauthorized access. That combined with other statements and various reports seems like a clear message that Apple isn't intentionally selling its users out.Moreover, Apple's explanations for the access seems satisfactory to me.
  I wonder what forums you would post in? 
  Agreed, he would be a good PR person for Apple. He certainly is qualified. Nonetheless, to appease the brainwashed politics is a sporting event crowd who far outnumbers the common sense crowd it probably is best Apple not put a controversial figure in such a position. 
Being a Press Secretary in such contentious times is a tough gig, and Carney I suspect did no worst then others would have. He essentially is asked to provide to the press information that the White House wants him to provide even when he himself is without all the information. Nonetheless, I highly doubt Apple would select such a high profile controversial public official with baggage to fill such a public position for it.    Moreover, what makes the story bogus to me...
Perhaps it is because Apple is not interested in manufacturing chips for competitors, which is what it would take for such a move to profitable.
The vehicle's weight itself didn't necessarily seem to be the problem but the initial unequal distribution with the edge.
I like Ape Maps, but POI data is it's big weakness.
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