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  It is a good thing if you are a short term investor. I have held Apple stock since it was $14 dollars a share, and I think it is a bad thing. Apple doesn't get any benefit from the buy back. Give the money to me as a dividend.
 Nice in theory. However, if you are a little guy who has been wronged, you may have a good case and still lose. You might just be outgunned by a defendant with bigger pockets. Do we really want to live in a system where you need money to try and obtain justice in the Court system? Lots of these problems really are judges fault. They have the ability to knock out these cases at an early stage. They also have the ability to impose sanctions in cases where the case clearly...
It is sort of odd that you would say that. they did a study last year with Sprint, AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile. T-Mobile on average was second only to AT&T and only slightly. It really just depends on where you're located.
It depends on the carrier and model. About 6 weeks ago I walked in a T-Mobile store and bought a 6 plus 16 gb.
You assume Apple is the reason there is no Amazon app on the Apple TV. Maybe Amazon is the reason.
Losing Christian Bale in my mind made this movie a fail. It is based on that horrible book.
 I could be wrong, but I suspect this is the fault of the App provider (e.g. showtime). I never have this problem for some apps like Netflix, Hulu Plus, or HBO Go. For some apps, like Showtime it happens all the time. It is annoying though.
  Here is the thing. Third parties create the apps for Apple TV. So, if you are unhappy about the App, blame the company. 4K streaming is nice, but for Amazon content that would likely be a nightmare for most people. This is because unlike Netflix, Amazon doesn't automatically (or even manually) allow you to control the video quality. So, if your Internet bandwidth is slow or capped, look out. Netflix stutters fair less than Amazon because it evaluated the user's bandwidth...
 Why? Just stream it from your iDevice. What is the big deal?
  All this is fine and dandy, but who do you think dictates government policy?Most of the high ranking political posts are filled by industry executives. From the head of the Secretary of Treasury to the head of the FCC. The industry is essentially crafting its own laws. There once was a video circulating showing the Chairman of the Board of Chase  telling Reagan to cut a speech short. Further, the crash of the housing market also coincides with the millions of jobs lost...
New Posts  All Forums: