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The iPhone faired better than most phones similarly sized which states a lot considering they are thinner. The videos of people strenuously exerting a tremendous amount of force onto one point of the phone and it merely bending tells me the phone is quite resilient and people are stupid.
That is easy. Higher local taxes. In China, Apple probably had to pay a little extra to overcome the regulatory hurdle to bring the phone to market.
LOL. You forgot the sarcasm tag.
The masses influence Apple quite often. For instance Apple wasn't going to make an iPod for windows initially. Further people were clamoring for Apple to making a phone for years prior to Apple actually announcing one. Apple also was not going to offer an app store for the iPhone initially but instead only web apps.Apple is also inspired by other companies occasionally. For example Google's now feature.None of this means that Apple is not an innovative company which it...
Apple is singular. For instance, Apple is not perfect. Further Apple is not a they it is an it.
Hey that is clever I didn't catch that before.
Having China might have made some difference because presumably some inventory is caught up in shipping which is avoided for China sales.
It is a good point, and I bet the plus does have that concern.
I agree. I use a Switcheasy case with a tempered glass screen protector.
The deal probably had to do with Square's point of interest data.
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