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Right that is why Microsoft's Windows was found to be a monopoly even though there was the Mac OS. Apple had a bigger market share than Duck Duck go. In Europe Google's market share for search is over 90 percent.
Yes, but Google Search is a monopoly especially in Europe. Google is further entrenching its search monopoly by requiring Android licensees to use various Google services including search.Further, Google claimed Android was open. Third parties could alter it as they saw fit. When companies started doing that Google altered the terms to require more Google control over Google services.Google also did other questionable stuff like favoring its own properties in search...
I agree.
The article is hardly silly. It points out that Apple's policy is not consistent. HBO really only show soft porn, but Apple has denied apps access to the App Store for the same reason. Apple also allows some questionable apps but disallows others. For instance, the ikarmulsutra app was once allowed, but then disallowed because some parent complained about the illustrations. It was a really well done app, but Apple still allows other similar but less well done apps.
  Sure it is relevant, but not conclusive. Felonies can be from all 50 states and federal as well.
  It is punitive. They were punished by doing time, being on probation afterwards, and probably paying a fine. If they are not fit to be back in society, then don't put them back in. Further, there are hundreds if not thousands of non-violent was to get a felony.
  This was all fine and dandy when a felony actually meant something. Originally felonies included serious crimes like robbery, murder, rape, and arson. Nowadays there are thousands of things labeled a felony. Peeing in public or not paying your taxes on time can get you a felony conviction in some states. Further, once you do the time and pay the fine that should be it.
I like to see Ally Bank added. Further, retailer support is not consistent. For example, I can use it at Whole Foods, Meijer, Hillers [a super market in Michigan], McDonalds, and Walgreens generally with little trouble.   However, with some other retailers the experience is flaky. For instance, Lucky Market is listed as a Apple Pay partner, but it never works there. A card declined error pops up. The retailer just pulled its Apple Pay accepted here sign because of the...
I think you are wrong. The margins are likely between 35 and 40 percent, which is typical for many Apple products. Accessories are things like cables and cases, not a watch that is very expensive to make.Keep in mind cost includes research, marketing, and warranty related costs as well as salaries. The margins are probably better for the more expensive models. The margins may improve overtime.
iTunes pays artists something like ten cents a song. Spotify pays something like .oo1 cents a play. Pandora pays something like .01 per song. So if supporting artists is your thing, buy the song.
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