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  Perhaps. Icahn has competing interests that are not necessarily in Apple's best interest. For instance, he has an investment in Nuance, the company Apple currently relies on for speech recognition and is rumored to be in the process of replacing with its own solution. He also has an investment in Pay Pal, which Apple apparently has shunned for its Apple Pay service. Apple is in the process of weakening his other investments.
  I have owned Apple stock since it was less than $12 a share, way before Icahn was around. I don't like the guy. He hasn't improved my obviously  long term investment at all. What has improved my investment is Apple's management. Further, I actually don't subscribe to the flawed school of thought that companies need to act solely for the benefit of investors. I like Apple products, and if Apple acted simply for the benefit of investors, Apple would be more like the...
The stock is over valued and if he doesn't already hold shares he can't buy in cheap.
 Not necessarily. Carl generally is about short term investing, and taking whatever value can be had out of a company quickly. For long term investors looking to generate cash dividends he is not your guy.  His involvement certainly gave Apple a short term boost, but after his previous announcements the stock eventually retreated. It wasn't until Apple actually announced its revised dividend, stock buy back, and stock split program that the stock really took off. He is...
 Not necessarily. Apple has to sign off on any final bankruptcy resolution.
No because Samsung is merely contracted to build things to Apple's specifications. For example the main processor. Apple designed the chip not Samsung. Apple can contract other parties such as it is starting to do with the main processors, and displays.Further, in some cases Apple invested in Samsung to allow it to develop technologies for Apple. Displays is an example. Apple can and does invest in other companies to produce technologies it desires.Moreover Samsung does...
I don't think Apple thought it was a mistake. I think Apple just didn't believe the technology was right previously to release larger phones which didn't have to compromise performance.
I was in Sears the other day and saw a really nice looking GE refrigerator. Then I saw a Samsung refrigerator that looked just like the GE refrigerator. Go figure.
THat is the point of the article though. Samsung is ramping up screen technology, but it's processors can't keep up ultimately leading to poorer performance.
Right. Then tell us how all those gmail accounts got hacked by China, and how Google was communicating with the NSA to investigate the attack. That was in all in the news. It simply lacks credibility for him to say that Google never talked to the NSA. This guy is an a used tampon.
New Posts  All Forums: