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It helped with at least two things. Having a foundation to develop the android app along with the developers. Also it helped by having a large library of human curated content.
  I believe it was only three to four years with Beats current revenues, which sort of made the deal a no brainer.
Apple could make this even more attractive by bundling more services. For instance, hard drive storage space.
 I was unaware that people were clamouring for higher resolution audio. Is this kind of like silly companies that claim their screens are better than retina? If the eye can't discern the quality past a certain point, then who cares? Further, most internet providers have a data cap. How does higher resolution audio effect the caps of these providers?
 Apple owns Embark. Probably the foundation for the new feature.
It depends on your area, but I live in Ann Arbor Michigan. I switched to T-Mobile years ago (from AT&T). I have experienced zero problems with voice or text coverage. Sometimes if I am really in the boonies (eg vacation in the wilderness), data might not be available, or I might be switched to roaming where there is a cap. Data speed by me, however, is phenomenal. Better than some friends who are on AT&T.What I like about T-Mobile is 1) my plan cost $50 a month, 2) I have...
Bingo. Until Apple has the watch in stores on a wide scale,for people to play with it is impossible to judge demand. If anything, all that can be concluded is demand is waning for people who will buy it sight unseen. That might not even be a fair conclusion because if Apple is increasing production and the ship date in July is still not moving, then demand is still constant or possibly increasing.
  Crazy you have described quite a few problems I have with Google Maps. Specifically, Google Maps telling me to exit the highway after I already passed the exit. It also auto corrects routes quite a bit slower than Apple. Some of the other things you mention are fair points, especially the point of interest and lane navigation needed improvements. Apple, however, has come a long way with POI  improvements.
  While we are making completely irrelevant to the story comments, I'd like people to know I am hungry and would love a pizza.
Josh, I didn't know the Apple Watch could take care of my hernia. Cool.
New Posts  All Forums: