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 No, Apple computer is a US company incorporated in the California. It, however, does do business around the world and owns subsidiaries in other countries. In every country it operates it has to abide by the laws of that Country. I too trust Apple to an extent, however, it is various governments I am concerned about.  As far as the US taking information from Apple if you are a foreign customer, good luck holding the US government accountable for that. How many nuclear...
 You are referring to the Fourth Amendment. The Supreme Court has held that you have no reasonable expectation of privacy regarding information you turn over to a third party. So companies like Apple can voluntarily turn over information to other parties such as various governments without the government showing it had probable cause to request that information. The government can then use that information against you in court even though it had no evidence that you...
  If you are cynical you might look at the human's history and conclude that those who wield power are corrupt. Or perhaps you might believe government is supposed to work for you, and your employee has no right to be peeking in on what you do. Your view seems to be pretty trusting and not grounded in history. 
 Not sure why diversity is signified by gender or  racial make-up, as opposed to life experiences and way of thinking, but since it seems important to you. Tim Cook is gay. Eddy Cue is Cuban. Andrea Jung is both a woman and Asian. 
That seems strange. I mean, the deal hasn't been announced or approved. Further, you are not stuck on a contract with T-Mobile. So, try it out now, if things go bad, you leave. 
What is the benefit as somebody would have to be the owner? Apple can't own itself.
 Apple has improved the map app on a more regular basis. It, however, hasn't fundamentally changed it. It has made a lot of map related purchases. I suspect it takes time to take all of that technology it has purchased to incorporate it into its mapping product.  My biggest grievance with the map app is not with its ability to give directions, it does that extremely well. Instead, its reliance on sources like Yelp for point of data information is holding Apple's efforts...
I find it silly that some people seem to think it nefarious for partners to agree not to actively target each other's employees. I also fail to see how employees were harmed. If they were unhappy where they worked, they could do what most people do, look for advertised positions and apply for them.Non-compete agreements are not part of the at issue matter, but I am not opposed to them provided they are only used for in certain situations and are negotiated fairly.
I on the other hand can't defend absolutes. The companies involved were being hurt largely by head hunters who on behalf of a certain company would target employees from certain companies for particular jobs. These employees were not activity seeking work at the companies at issue or they could have just applied on their own for posted positions. You apparently think companies should be forced to actively poach other companies employees, which represents another type of...
Ask Apple if it could do things differently would it chose a jury in its eBook case.
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