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  I have no idea what Apple is working on, but I don't see why Apple, a company with billions upon billions of dollars in the bank, couldn't be working on a car. There are many car start ups like Tesla, with far fewer resources. Apple certainly has more resources than Google, which also seems to be working on a car. Further, like watches, some of Apple's executives are big car guys.  I personally think the car market would be a good market for Apple to look at. Profit on a...
Siri isn't perfect, but she certainly is improving rapidly. Her response times, knowledge base, and ability to understand you has all been greatly improved. I use her daily to tell me the weather, ask for directions, make appointments, and just general entertainment.
All you people complaining about price makes little sense, since nobody has actually touched one yet.
Motorola tried doing that to Microsoft seeking billions. The court said a percentage of component costs was the way to go, and awarded Motorola only a few million.
I highly doubt Apple is dictating anything to IBM. IBM is using Macs because IOS plays better with Apple products, and Apple makes the best notebooks. It was a mutually beneficial arrangement and I wouldn't be surprised if Apple provides them for free or at cost.
That is it in a nutshell. They are well made and a first generation iPad is still great for reading email, surfing the web, and lots of apps. People don't need to upgrade them frequently. Also the iPhone 6+ undoubtedly is stealing some ipad sales.
The judge awarded the fine because the company ignored the judges injunction not because the patent violation.
Not on the iPhone 5 anyway. Moreover, Touch ID is required for Apple Pay. Further, typing in passwords suck. Touch ID rocks.
Apple has to negotiate with each financial institution separately. That takes time.
I think Apple has done it right. Siri has actually come a long way. It recognizes my voice much better, and there is far less lag time. Her personality is developing nicely, and Apple incorporates features every OS release. 
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