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Agreed. I tried both, and prefer beats. Spotify however does offer student pricing, which cuts the price to half of Beats. I can't see paying any streaming music service the same amount or higher than I pay Netflix. Movies and TV shows cost more to produce.
When you say things like Apple Maps is only moderately functional (at least in the US) you lose credibility. Apple Maps has come a long way since arrival and might not have all the point of interest data as Google's product, but it performs very well in terms of giving driving directions.
I love my Jetta, but the radio system stinks compared to my girlfriend's Ford Escape system. Further, the build in navigation system would be a lot better with Apple Maps.
I call BS. Apple may have told you it couldn't make an appointment until 7, but it would have also helped you in order of arrival as a walk in.I have done this many times and never waited more than an hour.
  One in ten? Considering the hundreds of millions of likely iPhones in circulation, that would be huge.
  Yes, except your link takes me to anarticle written by Doug Kass, not Gene Munster.
  It is a good thing if you are a short term investor. I have held Apple stock since it was $14 dollars a share, and I think it is a bad thing. Apple doesn't get any benefit from the buy back. Give the money to me as a dividend.
 Nice in theory. However, if you are a little guy who has been wronged, you may have a good case and still lose. You might just be outgunned by a defendant with bigger pockets. Do we really want to live in a system where you need money to try and obtain justice in the Court system? Lots of these problems really are judges fault. They have the ability to knock out these cases at an early stage. They also have the ability to impose sanctions in cases where the case clearly...
It is sort of odd that you would say that. they did a study last year with Sprint, AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile. T-Mobile on average was second only to AT&T and only slightly. It really just depends on where you're located.
It depends on the carrier and model. About 6 weeks ago I walked in a T-Mobile store and bought a 6 plus 16 gb.
New Posts  All Forums: