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No Ally Bank %uD83D%uDE13 Some "supported" merchants have spotty implementation.
First, Ford gets it just fine. Sync is great and was ahead of its time. Myfordtouch stinks, and Ford got rid of it. Ford's approach is probably fine. It is supporting both iOS and android. It is also letting its own apps work. There is nothing wrong with that and it is smart not to give up total control to Apple or Android. You want your car to work with whatever phone you chose.
I don't know about the price, but Nokia has great data. Nokia gets some of it data from ups. It also has Navtec trucks driving around. The software implementation using the data stinks. Apple doesn't own its own mapping data, but relies on third parties to provide it. I could see Apple wanting to own the data.
No T-Mobile does not. I use my phone to power my computers Internet every day. No extra charge.
Oh I see. We are supposed to trust you, somebody who clearly doesn't use it. At least Apple's map app doesn't tell me to take a turn after I passed the exit. Try using Google's maps in China.
Please. Unusable, really? I get around everyday using it.
Right that is why Microsoft's Windows was found to be a monopoly even though there was the Mac OS. Apple had a bigger market share than Duck Duck go. In Europe Google's market share for search is over 90 percent.
Yes, but Google Search is a monopoly especially in Europe. Google is further entrenching its search monopoly by requiring Android licensees to use various Google services including search.Further, Google claimed Android was open. Third parties could alter it as they saw fit. When companies started doing that Google altered the terms to require more Google control over Google services.Google also did other questionable stuff like favoring its own properties in search...
I agree.
The article is hardly silly. It points out that Apple's policy is not consistent. HBO really only show soft porn, but Apple has denied apps access to the App Store for the same reason. Apple also allows some questionable apps but disallows others. For instance, the ikarmulsutra app was once allowed, but then disallowed because some parent complained about the illustrations. It was a really well done app, but Apple still allows other similar but less well done apps.
New Posts  All Forums: