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  Really? All those "free" apps clearly said in app purchases were available. I think a reasonable person would figure out that you can download and play for free, but the game experience will be enhanced by purchasing add ons. Further, parents can easily shut off in app purchases on a phone, so an app does not allow in app purchases.   
  Exactly smart business. Further, why should T-Mobile pay for credit reports when it already has first hand knowledge of its customers credit worthiness?
It is smart move by T-Mobile. Responsible people can have bad credit for lots of reasons including divorce, temporary job loss, identity theft, ect.  Looking at the payment history of current customers as opposed to credit reports is more likely a better indicator of it's own customer's credit worthiness. It also saves T-Mobile money on obtaining credit reports. 
Agreed he exposed unconstitutional spying against essentially everyone. He is a patriot.
Why does it matter?
That is a thing I think Apple does better than Google's Map App. However, it doesn't autocorrect well if the Internet connection is slow.
Have you actually used a built in vehicle navigation system? The maps stink compared to Apple's Maps. The main problem is it is a big pain to update the maps, and often the systems are underpowered. I think Apple has spent a lot of time fixing data and the effort shows.
Agreed. I tried both, and prefer beats. Spotify however does offer student pricing, which cuts the price to half of Beats. I can't see paying any streaming music service the same amount or higher than I pay Netflix. Movies and TV shows cost more to produce.
When you say things like Apple Maps is only moderately functional (at least in the US) you lose credibility. Apple Maps has come a long way since arrival and might not have all the point of interest data as Google's product, but it performs very well in terms of giving driving directions.
I love my Jetta, but the radio system stinks compared to my girlfriend's Ford Escape system. Further, the build in navigation system would be a lot better with Apple Maps.
New Posts  All Forums: