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  What does that mean? Apple killed a product that was brought to market in 2005? Craig returned to Apple in 2009. Apple killing the product doesn't say anything about Craig's leadership skills. When Jobs returned to Apple he killed all kinds of stuff.
  I suspect Beats and Apple doesn't care if the company is making money. Further, the financials showed Apple would recoup the investment in 3 years (not to mention the immediate benefit of having whatever assets Apple wanted immediately). People also act like Apple can't influence the quality of Beats headphones going forward if it felt it was warranted.
That is who I originally said should play the role. Awesome.
 Beats had close to 1.5 billion in revenue last year. It likely will not take long for Apple to recoup its money. Further, I wouldn't pay for any music service, but I did try the two weeks trial of Beats and it was nice.
I wonder how this "winding down" would effect Apple's sapphire parts for the iPhone and iPod (e.g. camera cover, touch ID cover). 
Bsthe company likely sign nondisclosure agreements with companies like Apple. Apple hardly wants that information released to the public. So the secrecy request is to protect its partners not itself. Why should companies like Apple have to reveal confidential information because one of its partners files bankruptcy?
Apple isn't being significantly hurt because so far it hasn't listened to him. He, however, is a distraction. The shares didn't rebound fifty percent after Ichan said this. In fact after a small bounce, they retreated. The shares increased dramatically after Apple announced a 7 for 1 stock Split along with a modest increased dividend and share repurchase. Ichan didn't influence this decision either as Apple reevaluates these decisions every year around the same time....
  Perhaps. Icahn has competing interests that are not necessarily in Apple's best interest. For instance, he has an investment in Nuance, the company Apple currently relies on for speech recognition and is rumored to be in the process of replacing with its own solution. He also has an investment in Pay Pal, which Apple apparently has shunned for its Apple Pay service. Apple is in the process of weakening his other investments.
  I have owned Apple stock since it was less than $12 a share, way before Icahn was around. I don't like the guy. He hasn't improved my obviously  long term investment at all. What has improved my investment is Apple's management. Further, I actually don't subscribe to the flawed school of thought that companies need to act solely for the benefit of investors. I like Apple products, and if Apple acted simply for the benefit of investors, Apple would be more like the...
The stock is over valued and if he doesn't already hold shares he can't buy in cheap.
New Posts  All Forums: