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I see people I know using iPhones for the first time.
Sure why not❓If there is a market for it people will buy it.
Also Apple doesn't have to show Samsung made a profit, only that Apple lost sales.
The article doesn't say who is presenting the evidence, Apple or Samsung. Apple, however, can use the information to show Samsung was copying Apple because it was desperate for sales.
  That statement makes little sense. Apple has increased its sales every quarter since the iPhone has been released. Considering the volume of sales, why would Apple dramatically change its design of highly successful products like the iPhone.  Back when Apple was less successful, it would frequently change the look of its products, but this was mostly to get Mac diehards to upgrade products that took a long time to need to be replaced. Further, Apple has innovated in...
 Map data, and an entrenched base using its products. Currently, I have seen quite a few restaurants and stores using iPads with Square in their businesses. Google would like switch all that to Android tablets. With that said, 8 billion seems pretty high, but it is a seller's market. 
Lol. About as relevant as original post.
Nobody is claiming it is.
I honestly don't see how the companies did anything wrong. From Apple's perspective, it likely wasn't about wages. How do you come out with compelling products, if you have to keep worrying about employees from jumping ship? Every time a key employees leaves, you have to train somebody new, catch that person up to speed, and worry about information from the departing employee being passed on to a new company.
Seems from the invite that Apple TV will get love.
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