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Nobody is claiming it is.
I honestly don't see how the companies did anything wrong. From Apple's perspective, it likely wasn't about wages. How do you come out with compelling products, if you have to keep worrying about employees from jumping ship? Every time a key employees leaves, you have to train somebody new, catch that person up to speed, and worry about information from the departing employee being passed on to a new company.
Seems from the invite that Apple TV will get love.
So does the Apple TV via airplay.
I feel the same way about Google.
  Here is the thing. Why should Comcast get any extra money from anybody? As a customer, I am paying Comcast to deliver my content. 
Two different things. Apple has allowed people to offer third party radio steaming through iTunes for quite a while. ITunes Radio on the other hand is controlled by Apple.
Tim cook never said iPhone c sales were flat. He said the portion of iPhone 5s to iPhone 5sc sales was higher than expected.
 It also didn't stop Apple from releasing its own phone when there were plenty of other options. The strength of Apple's TV in my view is the tight integration with Apple's other products. Air play is a huge feature that works extremely well with Apple's other products. Often times when my girlfriend and I are competing for high scores on games like Subway surfer we will stream the games to the TV, lots of fun. 
 I just canceled my X-Box live membership. I can't stand how Microsoft wants me to pay a yearly fee to watch content from services like Netflix. Sure, I get multiplayer gaming is included, but that should be its own fee. I am curious to know how Redbox's streaming service compares with Netflix. I hate Verizon, so I am hesitant to give it a try. 
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