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The vehicle's weight itself didn't necessarily seem to be the problem but the initial unequal distribution with the edge.
I like Ape Maps, but POI data is it's big weakness.
  REI used to be one of my favorite stores. It's return policy was great. You could return an item no questions asked forever. It used to also offer a daily garage sale where you could find clearance items and things people returned for big savings. It was like treasure shopping. Now the return policy is a year for regular items and 30 days for outlet items. The store also did away with daily garage sales.
Or perhaps your too dim witted to ask a proper question, like specifying what alleged features you are missing.
Considering Apple rewrote the apps from the ground up, it didn't rip anything out. It just elected not to include certain features and to include different features it didn't include with the old software. Considering the software is free it seems strange you wouldn't just check it out to answer your own question.
No he doesn't have a valid gripe and your example makes no sense. If an employer offered to pay you in product instead of cash, you could say no if you found that to be a bad deal. That is how a free market works. Nobody is forcing these performers to perform, and I would image the publicity is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.Moreover, you act as if the performers are employees. They are not. They are businesses that rely on promotion and getting their name out...
My step father used to always say he stuck with Verizon because it had the best call network based on the range of areas it covered. Yet he never left Ann Arbor Michigan where both Tmobile and AT&T have great coverage. Tmobile for a lot less. I have had tmobile for 8 years and have traveled to various places in the US with no problems making and receiving calls. In some remote areas of Michigan, data is sometimes a problem, but I am hardly in those areas.Further, I...
  Perhaps, but that wasn't the point. Criticising people based on the chooses they make in presenting themselves is different then criticising somebody for their ethnicity. People elect to present themselves a certain way (e.g. dress in a suit, or dress like a gangster) because they want other people to have certain impressions of them. If somebody wants to look like a gangster, and somebody else doesn't like the message that sends, it is perfectly valid not to like the...
 Yes, that will go over well. Not.  I wonder how much Intel cost consumers by enticing hardware partners through its monopoly position to use its own inferior chips. I am sure the payoffs was recouped somewhere down the line, and the company with the better technology wasn't able to compete on the merits. I am sure Intel made more than 1.44 billion because of its actions. 
 Take the US approach. Let companies do whatever they want whereby big companies trample all over small companies to the detriment of innovation and the consumer. The EU at least attempts to appear to favor consumers and competition. Intel clearly was in the wrong. At the time, AMD offered a superior chip performance wise. Intel had bet on the wrong technology and had to compete not on the quality of its chips, but by paying its partners off not to use the better...
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