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I think the message was we already have a buy back program and that Carl can go suck it. That is what Netflix told Carl, and its stock has being doing quite well since Carl sold. Carl fans should go research how he made his fortune as a corporate raider. He destroyed TWA making himself rich and leaving stockholders with nothing.
You obviously missed Tim's message. Namely, he does not support Carl or other short term traders like him. He clearly is saying Apple took advantage of the drop under its current program. Ironically despite what some of the short term investors say, Apple's buy did very little for the stock price.Cook is also clearly saying Apple needs to hold on to cash for opportunities like buying companies, settling lawsuits, ect.I doubt Apple will do a split either. Higher priced...
 I will not disclose my position, as that is meaningless, but I have held Apple since Steve Jobs has come back to the company. It has undergone two stock splits, and is now paying a dividend.  As far as a twenty percent return goes, that number is meaningless. Twenty percent over what time period? Calipers is showing a seven percent per year return on its investments. That is im,pressive and above average in these times when banks are paying less than a percent on...
Amen. Calpers has the long term interest of its shareholders in mind. It knows what Carl is up to. 
 It increases the value on paper, but that is meaningless. Look at Apple now, on paper, it is wholly undervalued. Its valuation based on earnings should have the stock price per share over a thousand dollars. Apple buying back stock only increases the share value while it and others are buying. It takes very little to bring the share price down because the share price is completely related to how many people are buying and selling the remaining shares. If more of the...
Agreed. His buying gave Apple a short bump just like his buy back plan would. He supposedly bought another 500 million when the stock went down to $505 yet shortly thereafter it sank to below $500. His investment made no material difference. I bought more at $504.
Agreed. Waste of Apples money and good only for short term investors. If anything increase the dividend which rewards long term investors.
 Read what he said again. He said it could be one of those stories not that it was. Of course, OSX could run on Intel from the get goes as Apple used Next as the foundation. I suspect, however, Apple under Jobs always had the long term goal of switching to Intel and that was the primary reason to maintain Intel compatibility. People seem surprised Jobs looked at things like this, but a CEO has to explore options. 
 Reacting and acting are the same thing. I see it as Apple being aggressive. As far as positive results go, I highly doubt Apple will have a hard time selling every one it makes.  The iPhone 5C was never meant to appeal to the people the iPhone 4 is being targeted at. 
Perhaps because the 4S is already still in production, and costs more than the 4 to make? I still have a iPhone 4 in use. It is running iOs 7. 90 percent of the time it runs great. There are a few times it feels a little sluggish while executing animations. 
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