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This feature is great. There are lots of places outside cell towers have a hard time reaching. For instance, inside big concrete buildings. This addresses that problem. T-mobile's network continues to improve, but this addresses spotty coverage inside.
Perhaps, like with the complete surprising Mac Pro, it will be built in the US. Secrets leak out of the US far less than China.
Right because forcing people to adhere to one specific ideal is noble. Further, what happens when the day comes when you need anonomous expression, but have no avenues to conduct it?
Good point, however, I remember when Jobs called Jesse Jackson out when he questioned Apple's hirings.
Diversity is a code word for ethnicity. The report Apple released should be called the ethnicity report as diversity is reflected in a lot of different ways than race.
How does it benefit the layers? What layers? 
Perhaps it is because you don't suffer from a mental illness. If somebody is not functioning properly mentally, how can you expect him to make rational decisions? We used to have a lot more resources in our country to deal with mental illness, but over the last fifteen years many facilities have gotten rid of them or significantly downsized them.Robin made a decision that after 60 years of suffering with depression he thought was the best one. I doubt taking your own life...
I guess you are lucky enough not to suffer through a mental disorder. His drastic decision despite those successes show that depression is real. Unfortunately we live in a society where we no longer care about treating people with mental health disorders.
You seem to think authors are solely responsible for content. Read any popular book. The authors generally thank a long list of people, many of them who work at the publisher. These people include a variety of editors, proof readers, etc. Very few popular books get released without publishers spending a good amount of time and expense polishing the material. Your essentially advocating for a system where those resources are not sunk into publishing. No thanks.It is telling...
For $90 a month you can do the same on T-Mobile.
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