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He is getting paid by Apple as well. Hasn't stopped him from criticizing Apple.
When Jobs was at Apple before the success of the IPhone, but after the IPod, he announced an Apple share buy back calling Apple a Good investment.
The difference between Jobs and Trump is Jobs actually had a brain. Further, Jobs was never spouting stuff just to spout stuff.
Maybe, but when Jobs was still at Apple and before the IPhone, Jobs initiated an Apple stock buy back. He said he thought the stock was a good investment.
It did.
    The problem is not with Apple, but the rosiest of predictions rose to the land of fantasy. Apple is supposed to guide conservative. That is responsible. If Apple beats its own expectations, but falls short of the so called experts guesses, why is it Apple is to blame? The experts goofed. 
    Yes, except Apple with a decent margin beat the consensus on earnings per share. It was slightly lower than then previous year's quarter, but that was attributed to there being more shares outstanding. 
    I too was sad to see the Cube go, but I think it was a victim of two things, 1) Apple had too many products that competed with the Cube (e.g. like the Power Mac G4 you mention) often that did more for less, and 2) the economy had a hick up around then. Apple took a 200 million dollar right off on canceling components that quarter. It was trying to clear out inventory. At my University at the end of the quarter I was able to buy a new dual 500 mhz Power Mac for less...
    Good luck timing that. It was up about 6 at one point today. 
I think the the cheaper iPhone for developing markets rumor is probably true. Apple wants on the biggest carrier in China, but according to published reports, the carrier isn't willing to pay such a high price for the phone. Apple can't charge different prices for different carriers. So, it makes sense to develop a cheaper version of the phone. Companies like Samsung have different devices in different Countries. It is one of the reason Samsung is selling a lot of phones.
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