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    LOL. Yes, but you had to give up the Darth Vader voice. Seriously, the Google App sucks in terms of simplicity. For instance, once you have it search for a location it than is not clear what to do next for it to map out a route using your current location. You can figure it out for sure, but it took me a couple of tries. Siri solves that problem. 
    I have a 3GS, a 4, a 4S, and an iPhone 5 running in the family. The only thing that makes the phone outdated, is there being a newer model. 
    They mean the unsubsidized price. Currently, Apple's phone price is pricing it away from some prepaid customers. Not sure that matters to Apple, but $649 is a lot of money to hand over for an unlocked phone. 
I also am one of the downloaders. After trying it out on two short trips while comparing Apple's App at the same time, but on a different phone, I decided the App needs work and I prefer my Apple Maps App and Navigon. Specifically, it forgets sometimes to tell you to turn. Further, it fails to effectively autocorrect routes on the fly. In addition, it isn't super easy to figure out how to use. Apple's build in maps didn't suffer the same issues. Moreover, I really like...
    The problem with that argument is not all patent lawsuits are frivolous where the Plaintiff loses. Further, the system you propose would go against the little guy who  probably can't afford to pay his attorney fees, much less the other sides. Moreover, the legal system often sides with the wrong party. In this case, X2Y holds patents for companies that actually do invent things, like Lucent. X2y also has companies paying a patent fee for the patents at issue. The suit...
The more important question is did you use Homer Simpson or Dark Vader for the voice for turn by turn on the Tom Tom? I know what you mean though, like the Tom Tom (which Apple's data is largely based on) Navigon stores maps off line which is highly useful. You can also do cool things like email people directions which will open up in the app if they have it.
I downloaded this and tested it several times yesterday. It might be cool for people in some places other than the US or with other iPhone models not natively supporting turn by turn. However, I thought the turn by turn was nowhere as good as my Navigon App, or Apple's own map. It also wasn't intuitive to use. For instance, you type in a place you want to go and once the app finds it I had to fiddle around to figure out how to get the app to start turn by turn. The app...
    Agreed, but my point is he can't claim it is the best without trying a few. My Navigon App is great. Part of the reason is like you say, I don't need an internet connection for it to work. 
    You got it in reverse, Apple paid Google to use its data. Perhaps you saw all the new articles a while back talking about how Google was going to significantly increase the amount it charges people using its maps data in volume (e.g. Apple).    I will keep using Apple maps because they are prettier and work great by me. I live in the US, and don't need a map to figure out mass transit (which has maps posted everywhere). Moreover, I like that Apple safeguards my...
    Have you tried them all? For instance, did you sell out the $40 dollars for an App like Navigon or Garmin? Just curious. 
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