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    I am confused. T-Mobile has merely said it has been rolling the 4G service out to certain markets, including Los Angeles. It hasn't claimed to have finished doing so. When Sprint first advertised 4G service, it was averaging 2-3 Mbps per second. My AT&T DSL only gets about 6. I'd take 11.5 Mbps in a heart beat. I understand AT&T and Verizon are getting much better numbers with their LTE service, but with data caps who cares. 
  It would work, it is just with Verizon you don't need a SIM card. You'd have to get a Straight Talk SIM card. 
  That is only true for the iPhone 5, correct? 
This plan of Walmart sort of emulates what T-Mobile already does. T-Mobile finances your smartphone for you on both its no contract and value plans. You pay a monthly fee on top of your monthly rate for the phone, but when it is paid off your phone bill drops. With T-Mobile this is convenient because it is all in the same bill. You can pay it off as quickly as you can. Here you get two bills.    Moreover, I probably wouldn't go for this Straight Talk plan if you...
  It works on AT&T and T-Mobile's network. AT&T and T-Mobile use different technologies currently in terms of their independent high speed networks. On T-Mobile you would get its version of 4G, and on AT&T you'd get LTE. However, straight talk throttles the high speed connection after an unknown amount of data. So, you will get high speed 4G or LTE for a little while, then it will get slowed down to another speed. 
    Yes, but only if you choice to pay the minimum. You could pay it all off in a month or two. 
  Straight Talk buys service from AT&T and T-Mobile so you should get both together. 
    I agree. Admittedly, Safari wasn't great on Windows, but why didn't Apple invest to make it great? The interface on Windows needed some tweaking to make it feel more at home there. On the Mac, Safari is wonderful. I wish I could elected to put the tabs on top, but other than that it has evolved to be a very nice tool. With that said, if I couldn't use Safari, I would go with Firefox as it has come a long way and does somethings better than Safari (e.g. password...
    I agree with this. Allow people to use the Mini as a phone. It would be especially cool if Apple designed some bluetooth headphones with Siri integration to easily access the contact book for calls. 
    I agree with the sentiment expressed here. Google has become better at designing software. Granted, it is easier to do when you are following the leader. For instance, the Google search App on iOS works better than Siri in some ways. First, it starts searching before you are finished talking, and second, it is fast. Further, it works on every iPhone. Same with Google Maps. Although I think it is flawed in many ways, the biggest advantage it has is it works on every...
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