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    Make no mistake. Google is still a search company. To be an effective search company, you need effective data. The problem is the ethical lines Google has stooped to gain that data. Before it just mined the web for said data. Now it creates various free to the public services to get additional data. The users of said products mistakenly think they are Google's customers when in fact they are the product. Google's real customers are advertisers. It gets data from the...
    I am not a Google fan by any means, but the whole Google books program is an example of where I think Google was in the right. You see copyright was never intended to be an absolute right. It was a right granted in order to encourage the development of creative works for the benefit of the public. Copyright was always supposed to be balanced against the First Amendment. So, to protect the public's first amendment rights, fair use is always a defense to copyright...
    Funny, because it rings true. Seriously, though neither company would care until there was market penetration. Nobody sued Apple over FRAM patents until Apple started selling a lot of phones. Apple also didn't start suing until a lot of iPhone knock offs were being sold. 
    This explains it fairly well from Apple's perspective. It is the 263 patent. The patent was filed on 02-01-1996. It expires 20 years after that. 
It is a shame Apple can't get Intel to do foundry work, which would be profitable for Intel and beneficially for Apple. No way Apple is dropping ARM. It has too much invested, and it gives Apple greater control over its product.   Nonetheless, I am guessing Apple will keep Samsung on board for current chips, but will try to switch for the next major release of the A series processors. 
    You don't understand the purpose of the maximize button. The full screen button makes the app take up the whole screen. The maximize button drops the window down to the edge of the dock and widens the window in proportion to how much it dropped the windows down. 
    Apple has released buggy software before. OSX was unusable for most people when it was first released. Then there is the whole Apple promising to give people free internet services through iTools and then taking them away after people came to rely on them and instead introducing less capable MobileMe. Then of course there is Final Cut Pro X.    Siri was fine because Apple made it clear from the start: this is a beta.    To Apple's credit though, iOS might be boring,...
    Perhaps, he forgot to refill the toilet paper as well. Yea, that is it.  
    Yes, but it is the US press dissing the application. Moreover, it is not out of whack in every Country. For instance, it works about as well as Google in Canada and many other North America countries. 
Papermaster was not a Steve hire. Jobs was not going to get rid of anybody who he brought over from Next. He hired all those people personally, and they were extremely loyal to him.    Moreover, Jobs would have spun the Map controversy much better, and, like Forstall is alleged to have refused to do, he would not have apologized. 
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