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Apple rarely adds significant features to incremental updates. Generally, it only irons out or expands upon existing features. The 200 plus new features will likely come in the summer with iOS 7, which is probably where the rest of Apple's engineers are working.
Yes, but the apps in question do not contain porn. They merely allow a person to search for porn/nude content amongst tons of non-porn/nude content. To find nudes in the 500x app, you actually had to shut safe search off using a desktop computer. Yet, with the Bing and Google apps I can find porn within the apps as well. Apple's policy displaces favoriticism to big companies. It is Apple's store and it can do what it wants, but the policy risks pissing off developers and...
The problem is that Apple isn't consistent. As I stated in another post, you can do the same thing in Bing and Google's apps. You have more porn available in those apps as well.
This stuff is silly on Apple's part. Take the 500x app. If you shut off the safe search on the desktop, you could pull up nude photos. Apple's beef was you aren't allowed to do that in an App. However take either the Bing or Google apps and shut off safe search which is easy to do within the apps. You can search for porn successfully all day long. Apple's policy isn't implemented fairly. To be fair, Apple would have to get rid if these search apps. The policy encourages...
I don't get your point. If a phone costs Apple $188 to make, and it sells it for $250 that is about a 30 percent profit margin. The original poster pointed out that was the original build cost for the iPhone 4 and presumably the build cost is less now, so margins would be higher if Apple came out with a phone based on the iPhone 4 internals.Further Cook also said Apple will look at all markets. Apple wants a big presence in China. To do so, it needs a cheaper phone to...
He is getting paid by Apple as well. Hasn't stopped him from criticizing Apple.
When Jobs was at Apple before the success of the IPhone, but after the IPod, he announced an Apple share buy back calling Apple a Good investment.
The difference between Jobs and Trump is Jobs actually had a brain. Further, Jobs was never spouting stuff just to spout stuff.
Maybe, but when Jobs was still at Apple and before the IPhone, Jobs initiated an Apple stock buy back. He said he thought the stock was a good investment.
It did.
New Posts  All Forums: