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    Honestly, the screen size might not be a huge deal with the iPhone 5 (at least for some), but it easily blows every other phone Apple has made away. It is noticeably lighter, and incredibly fast. The 4S feels like a brick in comparison. Further, the overall design is improved.
I believe the rumor in substance. I think the iPhone should have three screen sizes. The original size, the current size, and a slightly larger size. It worked on the music player front. Colors would also be a natural extension of what Apple is doing with its music players. Further, if Apple switches to carbon fiber based products, as is the rumor, colors would be easier.    The reality is Apple likely has to become more aggressive to fend off Android. Google...
    True, but you would think if Apple was nothing but a marketing company, it might spend more at it then it's closet competitors (considering how much money it makes). I think it more fair to say, Google is a marketing company. 
    They did have a plan, but they changed it sometime around the time when they discovered the sales of its first product wasn't selling. Then instead of regrouping, they started getting rid of the talent. It's mistake was chooses to go after the iPad as its first endeavor before there were a lot of developer support. It should have turned web os into a desktop OS first (e.g. Chrome). 
    Yes, the possibilities were very interesting. I thought making the desktops dual boot Windows and Web OS machines (as was part of the stated plan) would have been very cool. It should have focused on that first, which would have brought developers on board and then went for tablets. I also couldn't understand why it killed the smartphones. With HP's marketing, it could have had more success with the Smartphones. 
    Yes, Apple has shut down quite a few companies, but Apple did indeed put a bid in on Palm, and although I take it with a grain of salt, supposedly people in the know thought Apple was going to keep it operating. It would have made sense considering PALM could sell phones on Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint, while Apple could not. Apple would have also acquired the Web OS engineers who would have been a valuable addition to iOS (more so at the time). Many were former...
  Yes, except it is long established that federal courts are not allowed to give advisory opinions.   Further, even if the Court could do what you suggest, it wouldn't be as easy to do as you suggest because one of the work arounds might possibly violate another parties patent. The Court only has the information concerning the at issue patent. The Court would be in a pickle if it suggested a work around that later was found to violate somebody else's patent.. 
    The worst thing that happened for PALM was HP buying it. It destroyed the company, and HP gained nothing for the purchase. Apple actually made a bid for PALM. The rumor was Apple would have continued to let it run. At the time that would have made sense because it would have let Apple offer products on networks competing with AT&T (thereby offering Android a competitor), which Apple was locked to at the time. It would have also allowed Apple to have more shelf space....
    The problem with your view is people relied on Final Cut Pro to make a living. Final Cut Pro X initially dropped support for certain needed plugins, multi-monitors, network sharing, projects from older versions of the software, and numerous other things. Apple billed the software as professional ready.    In Apple's defense, it had to re-write the software from the ground up since it dropped its carbon development language support and went all in with cocoa. As...
  Actually, you can. In India, when the husband died they used to bury all the husband's fortune with him, including his wife and pets. The theory being you could enjoy that stuff on the other side. Same thing when Pharaohs died. In the very least, you can bury your fortune with you. 
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