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    The media certainly likes to attack the successful, Apple in particular. However, considering the wealthy have more influence in creating legislation via their well funded lobbying efforts, it only seems fair to direct attacks towards them when things go wrong for the rest of us. 
    I don't know if Google does that, but it would not surprise me. Microsoft used to do that to Apple when Windows first came out. Various governments are known to do this as well. 
    Thanks for the props.  I am sure other people keeping up on these types of stories probably guessed the same thing. 
    I suspect they mean issue the formal written document listing the objections, which starts a process. 
    I agree with your sentiment. Yet, most reviewers aren't pointing to any testing to say why Google's maps are better. Moreover, has anybody done any tests to see if Apple's Maps App has improved? In my area, it has always been pretty accurate.    I performed a very limited test of both the Google and Apple Apps in Ann Arbor Michigan on two routes of about ten miles each. The first trip I wanted to find the Mall, the other Moe's Southwestern Grill. With Apple's App I...
That is his point, he doesn't want to rely on somebody's beliefs. He wants comparative data.
    I doubt Apple would buy RIM and keep running BB. Yet, Apple did bid for Palm, and Apple's intent there was to keep running it.
I can see Apple going to a six month schedule. I don't know about Retina though because of cost issues. Perhaps as a high end model.
    Apple bought Nortel with a group of others for a different reason than Google bought Motorola. One of the main bidders was a patent troll outfit that likely was going to use the patents to sue companies like Apple. Apple didn't want to be sued over the patents, and wanted leverage if it is sued over LTE.   If the rumors are true, one of the reasons Google bought Motorola was Motorola threatened to go not only after Apple, but other Android vendors like Samsung. I am...
    That makes it worst because it is a classic example of anti-competitive behavior. 
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