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    Lucky you, but it is a new development. Google is upping its game as it is being threatened on a few fronts, including maps. A draw back I think Apple will need to eventually correct, is it isn't personally able to correct data, as corrections are largely done by Tom Tom. 
    Maybe, but by using Little Snitch, disabling cookies, and opting out of tracking you can keep most information away from Google. 
    I use to dislike Bing, but it has come a long way. I now prefer it for most things. Further, I get points. Microsoft has bought me a dozen Starbuck's Lattes. I also like the daily picture with trivia, and how the picture sometimes is an animation. Google also borrowed the format of Bing's image search. Duck Duck Go is decent for plain search, but it is not integrated into products like my iPhone. I do use Google on the iPhone occasionally because the new voice feature...
    To be fair to Lenovo, it is following Intel's Apple knock off specification for an Ultrabook. Hence, pretty much all the Ultrabooks look similar. Personally, I am surprised Apple let Intel get away with passing off Apple's design as the Ultrabook specification. Intel essentially is undermining one of its partners (namely Apple). 
  Going private means Dell doesn't have to share profits. Dell actually makes money on servers. 
    Sounds great, except that is what the government is suing the publishers selling on iBooks for allegedly doing (and Apple). That is called collusion, and it is illegal. 
It might be a smart plan. Being a publicly traded company does have draw backs. If it is private, the owners will have more control over the company. If Apple dropped low enough in value, Apple would likely consider the same move. 
The victory would not be empty as Apple can add the new infringing devices to the injunction order provided the same IP is At issue. Otherwise, why would either party care?
Lol. You beat me to it.
On the contrary. Maps showed the driver exactly where the store was located.
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