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    I agree with this. Allow people to use the Mini as a phone. It would be especially cool if Apple designed some bluetooth headphones with Siri integration to easily access the contact book for calls. 
    I agree with the sentiment expressed here. Google has become better at designing software. Granted, it is easier to do when you are following the leader. For instance, the Google search App on iOS works better than Siri in some ways. First, it starts searching before you are finished talking, and second, it is fast. Further, it works on every iPhone. Same with Google Maps. Although I think it is flawed in many ways, the biggest advantage it has is it works on every...
    If Apple was serious about that, it would make iAd cross platform. Apple is trying to use the program to give iOS developers a way to make money. However, I suspect most developers develop for both platforms. Apple might as well make some money from that development by under cutting Google in price on its own platform to hurt Google where it will hurt most. 
    Performance wise I agree. I, however, think Apple made a few questionable design decisions here. Unlike a notebook, tablet, or phone, a desktop doesn't benefit from being horribly thin. The last iMac design was fine. There has been some stories popping up how this new Mac doesn't allow for some things like being wall mounted, which was possible with previous models. 
    Do like I did. Go get a SSD drive off Amazon. You can find 256 GB drives for less than $200.
    That isn't the best system. Apple's solution takes both the files from the System and data which are used the most and puts them on the SSD drive. It does this based on usage and behind the scenes. That is a superior system if you can't afford a pure SSD drive because not all system files are used frequently. For instance, if there is a particular word file you are working on frequently, it will put that on the SSD (but only the part of the file being accessed...
  The technology is relatively simple. You have a standard hard drive, which is cheap. You have a SSD drive, which is not cheap. There are currently so called hybrid drives, which fuse these together to give people some of the benefits of SSD at regular hard drive prices. Usually the SSD portion of the drive is quite small (6 to 8 GBs). Likewise, Apple is doing the same thing, but is using a bigger SSD drive. Like the other hybrid drives, Apple is fusing the two drives...
  Duarte might have headed up WebOS, but Rich Dellinger was the designer responsible for WebOS's Notification System design. He is at Apple. Apple also hired Peter Hajas, a person who created the popular MobileNotifier program available on Cydia. Apple's Newton Message Pad also had notifications. The issue is more complex than some would lead you to believe. Apple also had a much slower development cycle than Google out of the gate. So it is impossible to know what Apple...
  If I were Apple, I would consider stopping to give such guidance. It isn't considered anyway. 
Except these types of comments do not help Apple because they greatly exceed Apple's own conservative guidance. Apple can beat last year's sales on all accounts, but if it fails to exceed these inflated guesses the stock will be hammered. The big boys, however, will likely make sure they are in on dividend day. 
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