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    Not free. Microsoft blackmailed many universities to pay a per user license fee or face contributory infringement lawsuits. So the student through a technology fee is covering the Windows license. For instance, the University of Michigan will give you a hard copy of Office for like $10, which the University figures is the cost to give you a copy of the software. 
No problem. Prior to the recent Google update, I'd say Bing was the better app as well. Even though I still use Bing, Google's voice search though was a nice update. 
    I can see your point. I'd still like an integrated iMessage App and some of the graphic intensive games would work better if they were on the device. 
    I agree you can use Air Play to do a lot, however, there is lag especially with some games. If certain apps could reside on the Apple TV directly, there would likely be less lag. I also would like an integrated iMessage App similar to DSL and Cable boxes that let you know how is calling. 
I don't understand why it wouldn't add a web browser. Every other competing system has one, even the X-Box 360. 
    Your idea is a good one. The problem could be solved with a parental password needed to shut off safe search across all apps. Microsoft actually has a decent feature in Windows Phone where you can hand your phone off to your kid and certain apps are quarantined from the kid so you don't have to worry about your kid messing up your phone or accessing things you don't want. 
  Yes, except one of the most popular apps in the App Store, namely the Google Search App allows you to view porn. Apple isn't trying that hard. Moreover, last I checked there is less than a million apps on the App Store. 
  Both Google and Bing remember your IP address. Safe search is set by default. So, if you use Safari to search using one of these search engines both Google and Bing will remember the settings attached to your IP address. For instance, on Bing.com there is a settings link. The same is true for Google (just don't remember what it is called as I use Bing). There you can turn off safe search. Do that and the results of the search through mobile Safari will be different. The...
    Yes, except you are refusing to address the point. Apple does allow Apps to carry porn IF the apps are from a big company. For instance, it allows both the Google and Bing apps, which allow me access to porn. 
This is a fair observation, but don't forget when Apple was quickly refreshing iOS the Mac Os was stagnating. The same people work on both. Apple has changed the development cycle around so the team could refresh both around the same time, which benefits the Eco system better.
New Posts  All Forums: