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Apple makes great phones, I love my iPhone 4s. That being said, I have a nexus 7 and I absolutely love it. Malware is a lot smaller deal than people make it out to me. I have downloaded many apps not from the google play store and have periodically downloaded a free AV program for the tablet and it always comes up clean. I love swype or slide typing. I love the ability to make the launcher look different. Fact is, they both make great phones. But right now I say I like my...
I don't know why people are getting so excited about this supposed apple tv. This thing will be no different from anyone else's. None of the TV and Movie studio's give anyone anymore lee way with their content. We have so many content services coming up now, and with the 3 or 4 you do subscribe to you still have to buy a lot of your shows. The shows are in no way cheap. Apple couldn't even make the tv studio's make tv shows 99 cents to rent. They wanted everything to be...
As a Canadian, I am sad to see that there has to be layoffs in our country. On another note, RIM has for too long forgotten that other phones can now email. That was the only thing that made the Blackberry so big in the past, was email and web browsing. Today with Droid and IOS, there is really no reason to have a BB. I know that some people will say that its more compatible with large organizations and more secure, but IOS is catching up and advancing by leaps and bounds...
Maybe, just maybe... Apple expects it to be a busy weekend because in Canada stores are closed that Monday.
Why cant I rent new Disney movies for 30 days after the day I can buy them?
Yes, because the iPhone 5 and iPad 2 need decreased battery life and performance.
Your probably right. Apple wants to push as many iPads out the door so that early next spring, early adopters can feel REALLY stupid for taking the first version. I bought one the day it came out, I love it, but I do wish it had a camera for facetime.
Actually it is. I hate to say it but sony just cant get it right anymore. I'm not a hater, or an Apple or Microsoft fanboy, the plain and simple fact is that sony has some serious issues with its idea's and the way it implements products. It charges more for things than even apple does, and their "Revolutionary" new ideas are hardly ever that anymore. They need some serious change at headquarters.
It will never ever happen. Sony has nothing worthwhile for apple. Apple already has a better music player and phone, and there have to be much cheaper companies to aquire if apple is really getting serious about going into the TV market. People may argue with me on this one, but everyone knows that Sony just cant get anything right anymore. They have so many failed formats ( except blu ray, which was the smart move) , they totally flopped with the PS3, as their own...
i am kinda dissapointed that they didnt sort all of this out.I mean a lot of the new movies from some of the studio's are only available for purchase for the first thirty days. I am sure this will change, but its not much cheaper to buy and download than to go buy a blu-ray, so there is absolutely no benefit.
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