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i want to buy an apple. the only problems are the gaming. yah i know with boot camp i can run windows but that means i already have to fork out like 500 more just to play games. Also i almost certainly have to buy the mac pro to play games right because i just dont see even the 24" imac playing games like UT 2007 or Elder scrolls oblivion or the newer one in a year or two. Is there any vurtualization(is that a word) softwhere that will let me run windows games without...
after looking at the new iPhone today it makes me want to new iPod so bad. Thanks to apple i cant get it here in Canada. Anyways do you think that the new ipod will have the OS like iPhone , basically be the iPhone just no phone cababilities but most likely with wireless.
dont laugh i was seriously just gonna ask this question. really i want an iphone. i wanted a new ipod and that didnt come out. the new iphone looks so cool and i dont have singular here.. that kinda makes me mad. They better bring out a new ipod Quick
Do you think that there will be a 30 inch imac soon? i know they just brought out the 24 inch and it is big enough of a screen but i think that it would be smart to bring out a quad core 30inch mac with much more expansion options.
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