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yah, using disk utility if i want to partition part, it says it will erase, how do i just make a 100 gb partition without losing excisting stuff.
will i be able to use a wirless internet connection in my house successfully with this old of version of osx? thanks
is it just me or is apple on the downswing with itunes? amazon is going to come out on top i think, whats going on, soon no one will go with itunes, poor apple
okay, i just got high speed internet with tiger its taking up so much bandwidth, just browsing i use 10 times more bandwidth than my bros leopard laptop, i have used 40 mb doing less surfing and he has used like 6 mb, it says its taking me 200k or more per webpage wich is impossible because then the page would have never loaded on dial up, so the programs are istat pro and surplusmeter, istat pro isnt saying near as bad as surpluss but still way to much!
alright my internet company has a 10gb monthly transfer limit, i need a program that will monitor how much bandwidth i am sending and using. not hte speed, but the ammount, thanks
whats with all of the security updates, like really, i mean there have been so many in the last few days, why?
any security update is a good update
uh sure, and thats your opinion its mighty stupid, but sure
i dont really care about those , high quality songs, oh yea, thats the good stuff
do you think it will come, i just bought a cd off itunes tonight and i dont really like it that much, stupid me but i would not be so mad if i had a subscription based system, pay whatever it is 30 - 40 per month and just download all the songs i want , that would be soo sweet, come on itunes
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