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is this transmision a good program?
yah amsn beta seems really good, like there are a few bugs, like i have to right click on pepole and click chat rather than just double clicking but it has offline messages and video and audio chat.
well alright i have mac the ripper 3.0 R 1.4b and i think thats why, i think i need R 1.4 i .....does anyone have this, cause like these new dvds will copy but then they wont go to dvd2Xone to be burnt. i have to use toast and it fails
what is faster. i like the interface of both, but which one do you think has more results and is faster
alright well i set up my airport extreme network with my laptop running leopard with no problem , just hooked up and done, now i can wirlessly go to the printer, but now my imac with tiger cant even see the airport, i used the same disk i used with my other computer, the imac cant find anything of the airport, i am updating my softwhere now though, i have used my imacs airport before so it works, but i cant seem to hook up to the extreme, i dont know what i will do if my...
but will this do even the newest of movies like spiderman three??? i have an older version of handbrake, or well i dont know if it is old or not , but it stopped copying so long ago
yea my mac the ripper 3.0 beta will no longer uh make legal copies of my favorite dvds such as spiderman three or evan almighty, i cant patch them through after import to dvd2xone , i have to use toast and they never play the whole movie through
will apple ever have only glossy display option on there laptops, i hope not , i hate glossy, i also hope that they put non glossy back in iMac ..PLEASE
i dont mean to sound mean toxotes, but i mean being a new user and all if you had leopard how are you just a new user, shouldnt you be posting stuff about it. post out my stupid reasoning right away please, but its a valid question. i sure hope your right and its fast
it depends, if i have my high speed internet by then, yes, if i dont not until i get it a week or two later, yah , i'm weird like that
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