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yah, i mean if people were not so stupid apple could so this, soon we would have apple so sued for the crap battery life, but man it would be nice to access itunes from your ipod.
sweet, good for you, how do you like it, please post some tests and reviews
ah , i see well i mean i really want the touch cause i just do, but i guess i will wait for another year or so to see if those geniouses at apple to solve this, thanks for the reply
i wish the new ipods had wirless sync, not with other people, they can go to heck, but like i wish that i could leave my ipod on the treadmill and then update my playlist and have it go onto the ipods, if ipods have this, i would so go and buy the new one, it would be a nice feature, but i aint complaining, i got all of the last models, all they need is that, and bam, i want em all
you know what, i like apples arogance, sure they may make you mad at times, but its what gives us great products, they will eventually prob have somthin like an xmac, apple is not affraid to tell people whats what, a lot of times what they do seems stupid at first, its either not, or they fix it and appoligize for it, they dont lie and whoos out about it and leave it the same. if apple felt the need right now for the xmac, it would be out, who knows, they may be designing...
i think apple will come out with a solution for us who want a bit cheaper or maybe more powerful than the iMac but not ready to shell out for the mac pro, it would be great for them to bring somthing in the middle out. i know for a fact that hp doesnt use very good parts , my brothers laptop had his diskdrive crap out and has white blotches on his screen, and yah he says almost every day, grrr vista is doing this, dam spy where, dam vista is using 80 % of my ram while...
i have a 4gb blue nano, it is pretty quiet, i watch my ears when i listen to music like i volume limit my ipod video and stuff, this new nano though i can hear the treadmill over it unless i really put the volume to like over 3/4, now this is a piss off. is the new one this friggen quiet?
i am not a microsoft fan, but it would be pure ignorance to think that the zune does not have tricks up its sleeve, microft is gooing to implament it with xbox live i bettering, as well as other things, they are stupid, yes , but they are far to rich and greedy to quit now, shit we lost a billion dollars, oh well, do it again! , they can keep on. all they have to do is limit the ipod with vista and promote the zune,
i payed around 3500 + tax, i guess the parts must be cheaper but i mean wow, for the powerful of a computer, thats cheap of hp
I want to know how HP can have such a cheap computer, i love my 24" imac, dont get me wrong, its very fast and i couldnt be happier, but how can hp offer this pc? like i mean even with a monoitor its still around half the price of my iMac and its way way cheaper than a mac pro, is it somthing Hp is cutting in the chipsets, like cheaper ones, or what? http://www.futureshop.ca/catalog/pro...0090770&catid= it is better in my mac in every askpect, i have the 2.33 ghz...
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