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IMAC USER - WITH APPLECARE, i would never risk it, for 150 bucks i get a piece of mind, whoops cd rom dies, whoops, hard drive breaks, after my dell used 4 cd drives, and one hard drive, uh yah, i am nervouse
well i know for my 2.33 imac 24, it is last model but it was like 12 days build , so if the product is now in heavy demand, then yah, i can see that. like the keyboards may be hader to get, or the chips and such, apple may not be widly shipping them everywhere in great numbers
i have an imac i bought earlier this year with apple care, now i want to buy an airport, but how do i get warrenty for it, i cant find applecare for it
will the ipod touch have any better car functionality, also, is there a good wireless transmitter, i have tried a few like the old itrip and a cheap 10 dollar transmitter and it distorts and requires much more volume, any help?
ok, i am buying a router cause i am getting high speed right away, i need a good router and looked to the airport extreme because i will be using it formost as a mac, will the airport extreme let me connect my wifi voip phone and my pc laptop to the network?? what about a game system
of course according to all apple haters its much better
i dont know about the windows things, but i would use bootcamp, parallells will be a lot slower, all knows that, who knows what leopard will do with bootcamp, it may make it poosible to boot without restarting, also about the mac virus they have found that putitng a mac anti virus exploits you, the only way to get a mac virus is if you let it. a mac asks you before installign everything, and you must have a password, if you need any hints just pm me, i just switched to a...
could you please lock this, thanks
i have an imac, and i have a 2.1 stero hooked up via the audio cable to the back, i am thinking about a 5.1. i would like to know whats the best one for my iMac. also is 5.1 wrth it for music, i am not really a gamer, also what is the deal about sound cards, i know my apple has a sound card, and it sounds perfect, but whats dells deal with these blaster sound cards, how does it help if you are hooked up to an amp. my apple and stero are way too loud for me
thanks guys, appreciate it
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