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okay, i have a iMac 24". i share my internet wirlessly to my brothers laptop. is the signal wifi, like could i hook up a skype phone to this, or do i need a router, i am not really a noob, but we just got high speed this week, so i am not to into the wirless thing
haha great guys, i didnt believe it myself, i had doubts though, but thanks!
first of all the release a bad ilife update and the new imacs arent as good as the old ones. i mean a bit faster, but no real improvment, also the remote no longer sticks, and also about the whole google phone thing, this could be bad for iPHone
i found a program that converted .bin to mpeg in like a min, somehow i lost it. it was free and for a mac. where can i find the same program or another, it was really easy to use though
ok, after downloading safari 3 beta my msn for mac constantly crashes. AMSN is good but has missing features. is there a good program that will let me talk to my msn friends,maybe even yahoo, see and send webcam and have good features like show my song. even if its missing show my song. i want most of the other stuff. thanks ET
for some gaming i want to get vista or XP. they are exactly hte same price for home (xp) or home premium (vista) which should i get.
i suppose my data wont be that valuble. i mean i am planning to maybe start with some video editing and i will have some typed essays and such, nothing big.
well, i know that what it does it it makes like a copy of sorts of your computer on a certain day.lets say you delete a doc on tuesay it has the ability to go back to that day and get that file. lets say you change a file, it can go back to a day when it was the way you wanted, or it can just back individual things. but i dunno how much room it will take.
i think that in the end blu ray will be the winner. its going to be a painful battle. with the cheaper hd dvd players coming out there numbers will go up. studios will support both sides soon probably, except sony. the thing that will pull for blu-ray is that this sony exclusives, larger size and scratch resistance. after people realize that watching directors commentary and the movie at the same time is gay, or interacting with your movie is just a thing thats fun 10...
About how big of a hard drive should i buy for this. i will want quite a while saved, maybe a month or two behind. i mean i was thinking of either a 250 of 500 gig, maybe even 1 tb, it depends. i want to have about 100 gig left for movie storage and stuff i dont use often, it all depends on how many gigs time machine will take up. are there any apps like time machine out there right now.
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