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This doesn't answer your question at all, but i was watching a Modern Marvels about scramjets today. The one NASA currently flies has reached mach 7 and is supposed to be able to achieve mach 10. NY to LA in just over a half hour. Your name, my show, small world...
I would really like to see a triangular design. That's innovation!
2 gigs of ram with a 256 card?
how does the game handle on a macbook pro 15' with the 256 graphics card?
My contact at Apple just sent me this picture of the 6G iPod. It looks so sweet!!!!
I was on a website and i saw a "free" iPhone ad. I clicked on it, submitted my credit card number for the $5 shipping and now im gonna have an iPhone in a week!!!
Sorry turn...
I used to have a Zen Micro and this happened to me. I sent in the unit and i recieved a new one. Before i sent it in, i would wrap the headphone cord around the Zen and it would work because i wedged the jack against the wall of the reciever.
They're called vaporizers. What they do is "bake" (heat it up to a high temperature) the marijuana and you get only the THC.
Darn. Do you know of a cheap broker/online site where i can get shares. I'm just afraid of inactivity fees and $40 charges everytime you want to buy/sell stocks.
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