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The quote"Our focus is on getting chip-and-PIN in place in time for the holidays," Cornell said. "Down the line we want to accept all the types of payments that our guests want."Strongly seems to mean even after they install the new systems, Apple Pay/NFC will not be accepted for some period of time.
Are burning solar panels still consider safe and clean energy?
What's wrong with regular reality?
iCloud works extremely well, especially with cross device synchronization. I get the early press, but I've never had issues with Apple Maps, and certainly none over the past few years. Media and app store services are also very strong. So there are numerous examples of Apple showing capability in the services space with minimal invasion.I'm not ok with cookies being dropped like birdshit on my computer purely to match to an advertiser, and any code has the potential for...
I would never describe Google as entrenched in my life at all. I used google for search, but don't use gmail or google docs or Google drive as their are viable alternatives.
It is a hardware, software, and services company, and services will increase in importance over the next decade. If you cannot see that, you don't know business 101.The differences is can you offer pay services that are valuable, and not just track you like big brother and sell the bread crumbs you've left behind...
It's not about their search algorithms...it's about tracking every breath you take...its insidious...You have the choice to use it, and until there is something better, most will. But you should be surprised that many would prefer a viable alternative.
I said years ago that Apple is developing an alternative search engine...the overbuilding of all the server farms was one indication, but hiding in plain sight was the introduction of Spotlight, which allows Internet searches from within the application (no ads). And Sherlock was of course a very early predecessor of the same concept. Given the importance of search on the web, relying on others is not a good model. Even if they don't launch it for a while, its presence...
To be fair, Tim's response in the conference call was artfully broad, about the response being overwhelming. Response could of course mean many things, and since they were not talking numbers for the watch (and likely won't talk much since it is not in its own reporting category), you can also understand his vagueness. I'm pretty certain there is a confluence of events...high demand, one or more component or manufacturing issues, and perhaps purposeful slow roll out to...
It is fascinating to see a company so rudderless and confused that they vaccillate between mocking their competitor to fully endorsing them through mimicking them. But no matter what, their efforts reinforce the fact that they rarely innovate and mostly copy, and whose intellectual capacity is becoming as diminished as their shrinking profits
New Posts  All Forums: