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I use the Classic for ALAC capacity...likely we'll see 256 and 512gb versions of the Touch...seems inevitable, and thus the demise of the Classic will not mean much in the grand scheme things.
99.9% of consumers don't need retail receipts printed to do their taxes. And if you need it for any reason, just AirPrint it.
Used at Walgreen's the other day, and today at Bloomingdales - worked great... Now to get rid of the other nonsense for frequent shopper phone number, signing the display. Receipts should be stored digitally in the phone as well
Just noticed the same thing...odd...
Oh this judge is winner... Ummmm, Mr. Judge, given Apple will sell hundreds of millions of devices that use this tech in a critical way, don't you think, umm, they might just want to be teensy weeny sure that it met the most stringent standards, lest, say, they had to recall and replace tens of millions of devices?
This was my personal pick long ago...He can nail this. If they take some liberties with Jobs' portrayal (allowing Bale to stretch from Jobs' single-purpose public persona to incorporate some emotional range), with a well written script he will probably get a best actor nomination. How's that for a baseless opinion?
Generally, I don't think people interested the Watch are considering the Pebble. Two different atmospheres... Not being crass, $500 is not a lot of money for a lot of Apple customers. Most Apple purchases comes at a premium for the design, usability, and ecosystem...and people line up to pay. People will pay for value.
Imagine the challenges when you're doing all three at the same time...
Apple probably has a pretty good idea as to the price points required for adoption based the number of devices we invest in and hold at any given time, upgrade cycles (willingness to commit new dollars to Apple). They can further broadly extrapolate individual or family income based on what we buy, and where prices need to be for absorption. Market timing is also important, which is why it would have made no sense to time the Apple Watch and new iPhone together.
As I posted in a pervious thread here several days ago, my prediction was 18-24M based a gross assumption of 350M eligible (compatible) devices worldwide, with a 5-7% buy in rate. Biggest surge in the end of calendar year of course, as it will be a juicy gift for the Apple-lover...
New Posts  All Forums: