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Whoever this Marco is, he looks somewhat idiotic. How can one claim second thoughts about an app after its release, when one spent weeks or more developing and testing it for the express purpose he now claims to regret? It's one thing to stop development on something because of lack or resources, or perhaps an app is being used in ways not intended and has unforeseen negative consequences. But Peace was conceived and designed to deliver the exact consequences he later...
Holy crap!
shortcut for "let's FaceTime?
He had time to think about it, and collected money from a number of strangers. It's not the same as a thoughtless decision whose effect is quite localized.Is he refunding the money?
Apple looks to fix things that are in need of repair...sadly, the Internet itself is broken with grossly invasive ad structures, trackers, and an overall user experience that generally discourages web browsing, especially on a smaller touch screen like the iPad. Site designs and interfaces are all over the place, and anyone that can register a domain is an expert without having to belly up to the bar, financially or intellectually. It's a saloon on the Wild West. So...
To say you understand why the iPhone should be more open, as you state Woz has, and praising competing systems for their "flexibility", yes you do misunderstand.Tweaking techies is a market, but it is infinitesimally small and unprofitable compared to the need Apple fills.
Then both of you completely misunderstand why Apple is so wildly successful and has such high custsat scores...the techie is not a market compared to who Apple is focused on, and there is no benefit trying to cater to such an obtuse segment.And I'm technical.
Apple should enforce strict ad control, that's one of whole points of this from my perceptive...web pages today are an utter mess of banner, skyscraper, flyover, roadblocks, textual ads, video pre-roll interference, etc. Along with a myriad of site self promotion and social media promotion and other third party spackle-filler, browsing the web is becoming a horrible experience. I can barely place my finger on my iPad in Safari without my nail blowing off because of some...
Woz is historically significant but can contemporaneously superflous (seemingly his choice) Even so, he was closer to a bathroom than the boardroom at that time, and when a founder is relegated to pushing paper, it's fair to say he was, in essence, terminated
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