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So its legitimately 18k? Are we in agreement?Has the rest of the watchmaking industry exploded in anger at some subversion of the standard? Or do you think many of them invest in advanced metallurgy techniques as well to maximize the alloy process, all while still adhering to the industry standard?
My point makes perfect sense. Lots of items are sold by unauthorized sources - that would be the far more obvious takeaway than Apple "briefly" selling them there.Do you thing the Deal Dash iPads are authorized by Apple?
If the Watch is tested by independent labs for meeting the 18k standard, does it pass?I'm not trying to defend Apples pricing for Editiion either. It's just that as the standards are seemingly delineated, there are different ways to get to legitimate 18k solid gold, and Apple has met this standard. If they haven't, they will be vilified.
The article is vague, using words like "suggests" and doesn't connect how this process, even if used, would either circumvent or conversely not meet the 18k testing standard.
It's solid 18 karat gold, which automatically informs that it is an alloy. Its not pure, no watch or jewelry is. Whatever their specialized alloying process, the testing of the metal must show a sufficient gold component to be rated 18k http://www.goldpriceoz.com/gold-karat.html
of course, plated. Watch Edition is solid.
Why would Apple participate in evine? There aren't thousands of more appropriate outlets for the Watch if there desire was to expand distribution? Do you truly think they would try and hershey squirt a few hundred Watch sales out of such a junkpile site given the size of Apple, their insane focus on quality and experience, their market focus, etc? Are you promoting the site?
And you think evine is an authorized Apple reseller? I think if you try real hard you can get an iPad for $2 in Deal Dash...give it a shot...
What are you taking about? What example? Like the brilliant example Obama just defecated on the American people with his Iran negotiations?What would you like the U.S. do in regards to our military? Remain stagnant? Shrink? Eliminate the military and sing kumbaya?There are and will always be severely deranged leaders of dangerous nations, and violent groups or individuals at all levels of society. There is no cure or placating. So as much as everyone detests conflicts,...
Don't worry, there will be an exquisite video with Jony in a tee shirt describing the incredibly accurate color and natural vision dynamic range in the new Personal Short Focus Optical Capture Sensor...
New Posts  All Forums: