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Woz is historically significant but can contemporaneously superflous (seemingly his choice) Even so, he was closer to a bathroom than the boardroom at that time, and when a founder is relegated to pushing paper, it's fair to say he was, in essence, terminated
About 1/2 day of net profits based on last quarter...
The rose gold color costs no more than the other colors, and I'm guessing Apple didn't short that color production - they likely produced more of it.The fact that Watch Edition costs 10x-20x entry level models informs that production was incredibly low compared to the other two models.
Come on, bummed by a one minute training process? Any why do you think this is necessary? Almost everyone I'm around has an iPhone. If it's always listening, don't you think its sensible that it have a simple baseline of your voice vs four other people, any of which my say the same thing? Heck, my Watch "heard" Schiller's "Hey Siri, What's it like being you?" question from the keynote and I got the same answer as he did...
How long before a Touch ID sensor is added to the remote, for personal log in and easy Apple Pay purchases for content and and app store products? Seems quite inevitable...
Yes, I sort of lamented this earlier...but maybe without some of the bigger picture opportunities solidified yet, they are withholding that. I do think it's a switch that will be turned on, and perhaps h.265 comes with a firmware update.4k ingestion was the first shoe to drop. Playback will be the second shoe..
What will new iPhone users watch their 4k videos on?Anyway, we shall see.
There is also a small update to Watch OS2 beta on the developers site, to 325c
Again, the Apple TV's HDMI as spec'd will support 4k up to 30 fps.   I find it difficult to believe that the new iPhones coincidentally shoot 4k at 30fps and Apple wont give you some way to enjoy your family clips on a family room device...
There are extractor boxes on Amazon that pull the audio (at least up to 5.1, not sure about 7.1) from the HDMI stream and output it on an optical path http://www.amazon.com/Panlong-Converter-Extractor-Splitter-De-embedder/dp/B00ISQ8VB8
New Posts  All Forums: