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Other then the countdown page, Apple has said or done zilch. The promo is ABC's invention not Apple's -Historic might very well be announcing the solution to TV Steve implied before his death. The invite says very little, but the hard shadow along the logo implied to me the Apple was saying its the dawn of a new day...a big promise to live up to. How they could keep such a paradigm shift quiet seems impossible however...
Great ad, and the music fits extremely well.   You're missing the point if you don't personally like the music. There are a lot of choices in many ads that work extremely well as a holistic entity - I'm not not looking to buy an Andrew Dice Clay comedy album, but he works extremely well as the talking hamster in the Sprint ads. I wouldn't buy the song in this ad, but it works well in context.   Apple is taking a very different road with their ads, again distinguishing...
I downloaded and installed on a fresh partion, ran all updates, but there is no Feedback Assistant - not in the menu, not in the dock, not in the library folder it's supposed to be...weird...
Well, Apple still doesn't make a lot of key components for existing products (LCD displays for example) If their effort (or one of the their efforts) is to marry a high tech digital display with a quality analog watch, they would need to partner. If the watch crystal could be invisible to show a traditional, real watch face, and then turn opaque with a full color screen overlay, it would be incredibly interesting...
This ad is borderline embarrassing for Samsung, not to mention horribly mis-timed. If you wanted to point our your one differentiating feature, size, why would this ad have run over a year ago? With the new iPhone rumors rampant, you're just reminding people to wait.   This does nothing to keep existing customers; it gets them pumped to jump.
I'm sure if it benefitted them to pay directly from offshore money, they would.
So built (purchased) in Germany? Perhaps this is a way to spend some of that overseas cash, presuming the import duties are less than US income tax if Apple were to move the money here.
At first glance, it appears to be a wall mounted device. But with a USB port on the bottom, it wouldn't set flush against a wall, or desk, for that matter...perhaps there is a wall mount with integrated power connector as well.
It doesn't matter if you're a donkey or an elephant, if you're pro or anti Obama. A corporation should minimize any public impression of political leaning. Carney is way too close to the Obama administration and the baggage that carries Currently, much more of the country thinks poorly of Obama than admires him. Why bring that tarnish to your jewels, especially when an unknown with strong skills would be perfectly fine for that position.
New Posts  All Forums: