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Wow, excellent ads! Very impactful, illustrative, understated and especially intriguing for those who wondered how they might use a Watch.
LOL...yes, it was just him, alone, at a desk, toiling away on a Mac Plus, under a dim bare bulb light...he shared the development with no one, shunned any assistance at all, and kept the code locked away on his vintage Newton. Further, this was not viewed as a liability at all by Apple... jesus is right...
I'm speculating some combination of the following as to the reasons leading to this type of launch:   • Component constraints led Apple to believe they would not have nearly enough watches for retail inventory, so a controlled online ordering process was the best alternative.   • Being a brand new product category with several dozen build out combinations, Apple wanted to be cautious and better match manufacturing to orders   • Apple recognized the sheer number of...
Additional solid gold on the watch top and bottom for the bands, and a rather large solid gold buckle. The last few dineros are for the high quality leather vs the rubber watch band
Why would you be astonished about personal choices for a wearable device? I like the black stainless, but ultimately opted for the bright stainless link.I think the thicker link band looks better with the watch itself.I got the Milanese for my wife, imo that band has a more feminine look and that's what she wanted.
4-6 week on all three watches ordered (2 stainless and one sport) around 6 am est. Also ordered two bands....
hmm..no problem used 100's of times at about six or seven different merchants, other than some terminals' NFC not working at all - but that's a terminal issue not Apple Pay.
Given that this is Apple's first wearable, I suspect they also opted to go the try-on route to minimize a high return rate...you're much more certain to keep something (personal) once you're satisfied how it looks on you, as opposed to putting it on at home for the first time and wishing you chose a different color or material. I'm sure there will be plenty of demo models showcasing a variety of band options already installed, so changing bands would largely be unnecessary.
Worry about your charitable planning...
Cook would never name a building after himself, or even consider it if suggested to him, while CEO. That is hubris unknown to him.
New Posts  All Forums: