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Since cellular and wifi simply aren't ubiquitous (and cellular streaming will not be cheap if you do it all the time), there are plenty of reasons to want to listen to Apple Music streams offline. But if you try to download them, you are not allowed unless you turn on iCloud Music library (why? Who knows...)Now, when you turn on iCloud music library, you can no long sync your music locally from your computer to your iPhone - so you must enable iCloud music library on your...
Agreed, but the iPhone was revolution 1.0  in the world of phones - it was all very new. Music has sort of devolved from an iTunes that was easily understandable years ago to something that is not well thought out now...its a bit of going backwards, despite all its polish...
Music is still a horrible app, and they've yet to address the forced cloud storage and streaming model if you simply wish to listen to Apple Music offline...I have to upload 40 gb of music to Apple, only to stream it back to myself? It is moronic.
Whoever this Marco is, he looks somewhat idiotic. How can one claim second thoughts about an app after its release, when one spent weeks or more developing and testing it for the express purpose he now claims to regret? It's one thing to stop development on something because of lack or resources, or perhaps an app is being used in ways not intended and has unforeseen negative consequences. But Peace was conceived and designed to deliver the exact consequences he later...
Holy crap!
shortcut for "let's FaceTime?
He had time to think about it, and collected money from a number of strangers. It's not the same as a thoughtless decision whose effect is quite localized.Is he refunding the money?
Apple looks to fix things that are in need of repair...sadly, the Internet itself is broken with grossly invasive ad structures, trackers, and an overall user experience that generally discourages web browsing, especially on a smaller touch screen like the iPad. Site designs and interfaces are all over the place, and anyone that can register a domain is an expert without having to belly up to the bar, financially or intellectually. It's a saloon on the Wild West. So...
To say you understand why the iPhone should be more open, as you state Woz has, and praising competing systems for their "flexibility", yes you do misunderstand.Tweaking techies is a market, but it is infinitesimally small and unprofitable compared to the need Apple fills.
New Posts  All Forums: