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Remember, Ron Johnson came from Target, and while they have some cute TV ads, Targets are generally a typical, boring mess of departments and products, with little or no help floor help. Yet none of that migrated to Apple. I'd imagine Browett will be executing an already well-thought out retail plan with Apple and not making large sea changes for some time, if ever. Johnson was strong in general retail knowledge and execution skills, perhaps those are Browett's...
How long before Stymiest is, well, just plain stymied?
Ron Johnson's wondering, "where's the love...?"
Apple's retail space challenge is that some of their original spaces are too small...the location at the Westfield Shopping Center in Paramus NJ is one example. That location can easily increase by a third
If Apple doesn't want resellers, or a particular reseller, this is their right. But if they do authorize resellers, and those resellers are meeting Apple's guidelines, then Apple should provide them reasonable appropriate access to their products. Likely, Apple has, and has some formula that determines allocation based on revenue, square footage, etc... - the reseller in question simply may not like the methodology or is questioning the fairness. Apple reseller...
So is the reverse inference that none of the current Android tablets are of the highest quality?
No channel stuffing to boost short terms numbers is what they do - Apple does not do this. Note how a lot of companies talk about how many units "shipped" vs, "sold." Apple talk sold, companies trying to mask the reality tend to talk shipped.
Wouldn't Steve have his own, singularly prime best parking spot on campus? Or many around the campus?
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