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Yes, I'd prefer a dark, dusty and disorganized shop with non-working and discontinued products being demoed by fat smelly hacker-types who immediately gravitate toward showing you how you can hack yourself in the terminal and laugh at inappropriate times, mostly through their nose. Yes, this is what I'm missing...
IDC - Incomprehensible Data Calculations
I don't view ugradeability as much as an issue as serviceability. In my view, Apple paradoxically and purposefully designed a dumb smart watch. Yes, there is most certainly a lot of tech in the watch, but sensors aside, most of the computational power comes from the IPhone and uses the watch as a wireless display with user feedback control. So unless there is a need for better near field wireless speed (which I doubt since there is not a lot of data you need to push to a...
So Apple will have to, and I presume are already planning to, make sure the longevity of the watch is comparable to $5k watches. Short of utter destruction, an investment in a $5-10k traditional watch will last owners decades - crystals, crowns, movements can all be serviced. For Apple to stand firmly in that echelon of retail, there will need to be legitimate sense of longevity and serviceability for the watch. This is then more than a new branch on the product...
Too bad...ideal choice to play Jobs.
 Yes, it is in the worse possible orientation for the way one naturally holds their wrist when reading a device. (sorry responded to wrong post, but you get the gist)
I use the Classic for ALAC capacity...likely we'll see 256 and 512gb versions of the Touch...seems inevitable, and thus the demise of the Classic will not mean much in the grand scheme things.
99.9% of consumers don't need retail receipts printed to do their taxes. And if you need it for any reason, just AirPrint it.
Used at Walgreen's the other day, and today at Bloomingdales - worked great... Now to get rid of the other nonsense for frequent shopper phone number, signing the display. Receipts should be stored digitally in the phone as well
Just noticed the same thing...odd...
New Posts  All Forums: