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I don't see why Apple needs to create a new cheaper iPhone when they're currently selling 4 and 4S for cheaper price.
What are the chances that manufacturers will offer an upgrade option for the current car models?  I have a 2012 Honda.
When is Apple going to come out with something cool like this?
You can patent this crap?
Two guesses...1) vertical TV with reflective surface that turns into a mirror when not in use, or 2) touch screen TV with Android.  
I don't steal apps, but I'll stop jailbreaking the day Apple decides to put system shortcut (ex. wifi, bluetooth, airplane mode) onto their Notification Center.
They need to start making 11" MBP...
The University also plans to send its students and faculty on a field trip to Mildura as part of new study to test their survival skills.
To AI thanks for the nice app, but can you please just make your website more compatible with news readers like Pulse?
I'm really impressed with street-view.  It seems to have turn-by-turn navi also, but I'll have to check it out later.  Overall the app looks nice, but the new UI is extremely confusing and will need a lot of getting use to.  My only complaint is that it's a bit sluggish on my iPhone 4. Eventhough it's a nice app, I think I'll eventually switch back to Apple's native Map later when it's improved because it's easier to use.
New Posts  All Forums: