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Was 'durability' considered as part of the judging criteria?  The anodize aluminium on the iPhone 5 can't withstand even a tiny scratch.  
Apple Map works like shit here in Thailand.  In 3D flyover, some buildings instead of being tall rectangular objects, they're circular domes.  And most landscape a hundred miles outside of Bangkok is so pixelated it's impossible to make anything out.  It's like they only care about perfecting the major countries and cities from around the world.  What pathetic effort by Apple.
Tried to update this app and the App Store said "the item you tried to buy is no longer available". O_o Did Google have to pull the app out again because of another screwup?
Is this a sign of more things to come now that Jony Ive has taken over?
There seriously needs to be more widgets.  
How much damage will Apple have to pay?
Finally MS is finally getting it - they've got to do both the hardware and software. By relying on licensing of their software to a bunch of 3rd party assemblers, things are doomed to get messy. That's why the PC market is so fragmented today. It's too late for MS though. As far as I'm concerned Apple's already got my loyalty.
Samsung's doing the same thing. When are they going to get sued for this?
Glad to see my country mentioned in AI's coverage.
  If you really think Apple did away with internal drives so they profit from their external drives, then I suggest you do yourself a favor and bash your head against a wall a few times. 
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