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Here are additional pictures: http://micgadget.com/15988/did-foxco...e-5-prototype/ And a Youtube video: http://youtu.be/TU7iCNIumpc
I wonder if this trojan can be activated if you preview the PDF with Quick Look? I love Quick Look, it's one of OSX's main feature that makes it much better than Windows.
+1 for that. A smaller or thinner adapter is exactly what I'm hoping for. I love how portable my 11" Macbook Air is, but it kills me that I have to carry around that brick of an adapter too. It would be awesome if the adapter was thin enough to put into a laptop sleeve too.
The only problem is, whatever hardware they build, they all run Windows.
I wish this article was released a few weeks earlier before I got my new MBA 11". I've noticed that the battery drains too quickly. So today I ran my MBA side-by-side with my wife's late 2010 model, and yes, my battery drained much quicker than hers. In 10 minutes, mine drained 10% but hers only drained 4%. This is really disappointing performance for a mobile machine. So then I checked on Apple's website in the MBA section and noticed they no longer featured long...
I don't understand what's not 'intelligent' about being innovative and providing new educational opportunities for students? I also don't 'suffer' with my 5 year old Macbook Pro, which still runs great on current software. That's actually the good thing about Macs - old hardware DON'T become obsolete like PCs. Instead of looking at it from a cost-saving point-of-view, I think it's better to look at it sort of as an HR recruiting tool to encourage students to learn....
Reminds me of the movie Matrix.
If it's anything like the on-screen keyboard on the iPad, it's going to slow down your typing speed by half. Not practical.
You obviously don't have an office job. If you did, you'd know that these two apps have never been fully compatible, and there will always be something wrong with the document formatting when you open in each app. I'm not against iWorks, but in the business world where the majority still use Microsoft Office, you can't afford to waste time bugging around with silly things like this. You need a reliable software that you can trust, period.
What have you been smoking?
New Posts  All Forums: