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Its probably a case for a fake iPhone sold at one of the fake Apple Stoer.
I'm interested to know if this will make a difference for playing games, because the previous air with Nvidia could play many hardcore FPS games quite well.
More good 'ol fake Chinese products... Macbook Pro 17" http://apple.china-direct-buy.com/v/...o_17_Copy.html Mac Book Air http://apple.china-direct-buy.com/v/...160G_copy.html
Imagine the headlines if the iPhone had landed on someone's head.
What about the Apple Remote sensor? Doesn't any body else use it anymore? I'm dying to get this feature back because I use my 11" Air to present work everyday.
Can't you just stick a $10 matte film on your display? It's not noticeable once it's on there.
Agreed! I have over 800 paid apps for my iPhone and iPad, and I still JB. Here's why: - LockInfo- Infinifolders- Infinidock- Activator- iFile/OpenSSH- SB Settings- Winterboard- Wifi-sync- 3G Unrestrictor- LockdownMy list has shorten significantly over the years as iOS keeps on improving. For example, I no longer use MyWi because iOS 4.2 finally allowed Mi-Fi tethering. Soon as iOS 5 comes out, I can also get rid of LockInfo and Wifi-sync, but I would definitely still JB...
Do you realize how horrible the battery is at 80% capacity? My battery is only at 93% capacity now, and it only last me on average about 2 hours, and that's if I turn off wifi and dim the screen.
I'll upgrade my current MBA 11" if the new one has at least 256GB SSD and a remote sensor. I didn't get why Apple left out the remote in the first place, because I used to use it all the time with iTunes and for presentations at work. Oh and one more thing I'd love to see...a thinner AC adapter to go with the MBA! My MBA goes around with me everywhere in a thin sleeve, but I hardly ever bring along the bulky adapter. So as it turns out I've used up about 90 cycles...
Saw that app in Cydia 2 days before the Keynote and almost bought it. Good thing I waited.
New Posts  All Forums: