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Agreed. You've got options like tweet, retweet by you, retweet by others, your tweets, retweeted, @mentions...WTH? I don't get it. Besides, I've got all my stuff on FB already.
I think it's unlikely that Flash will completely die out, even if it does, it will be many years before this happens. Adobe dominates the market with their graphics and web design application, so it's easy for them to integrate Flash with these applications. Game is another one top reason developers won't completely quit using Flash. HTML5 can do well pretty much in everything, but so far the only games I've seen done with HTML5 are really basic and isn't anywhere near...
I kinda agree here because even though I owned a 17" MBP for the last 4 years and a Powerbook before that, I have always relied on a Logitech laser mouse because it's much quicker and more precise for my photo/video editing work. Even doing word processing, presentations, and spreed sheets feel more accurate with a mouse. I think it's a matter of what sort of things you do on your Mac. A general user might prefer a trackpad, whereas a professional might prefer a mouse. ...
Aqua and the Dock are the reason I switched from Windows to Mac in the first place. Now with Aqua gone, it's going to look boring like Windows.
If it can finally sync with Google Calendar, I'll definitely use it. It's a much more productive app than Apple Mail and iCal, however I gave up using it back in 2008 because it can't sync with Google Calendar.
So is Apple ever going to improve the To Do List? It totally lacks functionality if you compare it with other 3rd party task app, and worst of all it's pretty useless because it can't sync with the iPhone. I still have to rely on 3rd party paid-apps like Things and sync service like ToodleDo to handle all my tasks. It's a shame that Apple hasn't improved much on their productivity app for business users. It baffles me though, that all the comments thus far is about...
I'm going to miss Front Row. I never used it much for playing my media, but I did enjoy watching the movie previews.
Good, now I finally don't have to JB my phone to use MyWi.
I've use both the iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tab, and in terms of productivity I think the Tab is better because it can do more. Having said that, I still love my iPad better because of its library of apps, and yes, because iPads are just cool! But I do agree with Google's statement that iOS is just a "warehouse of app". iOS needs to have a customizeable home/lock screen for business users. Of course you can get these apps through the Cydia store, but Apple need to finally...
What Apple really needs to do is just make a universal VGA-connector kits for iPhone and iPad, that can project all apps, not just iWorks and a few other compatible ones. Oh, and while they're at it, make the iPad camera connector kit work with iPhone too...please! I'd love to use my iPhone as an external HDD to transfer my pictures from my camera when I'm on vacation.
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