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Anyone tell me how I can mail my feature request to Apple? The two feature I really really want to have is photo management and customize lockscreen. I have over a thousand pictures all jumbled up in my camera roll, and the only way to organize it is through iPhoto. You should just be able to organize it on the iPhone and sync it to iPhoto, or vice versa. The customize lockscreen is obviously useful for business users.
I totally agree. Make it free with option to upgrade. I won't hold my breath waiting though.
You're comparing Sony and Macbook Air just on the basis of the screen? Does the OS matter?
Finally Messenger gets video and audio chat with PC! Whoohooo!!!
I quit using the scrollbar arrows back in 1999 when I got my first scroll wheel mouse. And I was able to quit the scrollbar in 2004 when I got my Logitech precision laser mouse. I'm proud to say that I've been clean and drug...errr...I mean scrollbar-free for over 6 years! Having said that, however, I admit it's still very addictive and I don't think I can live without it. Even though I don't go near it, I still look at it at least 100 times every day. It's the first...
...and if it ran the full OSX, I can get rid of my MBP and iPad for good
Things just keep getting better with Apple.
It'll be interesting when more tablets are released. Hopefully they'll be cheap cuz I'll probably get one just so I can tinker around with it. I'll definitely still keep my iPhone and iPad though, because nothing can beat Apple's App Store.
Will Apple be nice this time and allow hardware upgrade?
I want to express my disappointment as well. Besides the slowness, short battery life, and overheating, I found that a few of my favorite games and apps would shut down abruptly in between processes or while switching stages, etc. My Papago! GPS navigation app is also useless too because it's too slow. I'm getting the iPhone 4 if it would solve this problem, but it won't be available in my country for at least another 3-4 months... I very angry that I can't do anything...
New Posts  All Forums: