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Yeah I agree. I've tried the deathgrip on BB Curve and my iPhone 3G but I couldn't manage to drop a signal bar. I even cupped the phone in between both my hands and squeezed the life out of it, but nothing happened. Either I haven't perfected my deathgrip technique or the force is not with me.
Easy fix...get ready for iPhone 5 next year!
I enabled background wallpaper and multitasking for my 3G and found there was a noticeable difference in performance compared to when the features were off. Even with the standard iOS4 I think it's quite slow compared to 3.1.3. For those of you who haven't upgraded, I recommend that you don't. If you really want to have the new features of iOS4 without sacrificing performance, there are ways to do it through JB.
I don't get. Could someone pls define what is a widget exactly? How's it different from an app?
Think about it, is it really necessary for the iPhone to have multitasking like Android? I haven't spent much time using Android, but in my opinion, multitasking was probably the most annoying feature for WM devices back in the days. Opening just 2-3 apps significantly reduced the processor speed and sometime froze up the device. I've been using an iPhone for over 2 years and I couldn't care less about not having multitasking. I can still do work, check mail, play...
Does this mean iPhone and iPad can now run the same "HD" apps? This will be great so I don't have to buy 2 copies of the same app, one for the iPhone and the HD version for the iPad.
Does anyone know if the new iPhone will be out at the same time as the OS, or which will come out first?
4G is thinner, but I wouldn't mind if it got fatter as long as they get rid of the black part above and below the screen. I think that's total waste of space, the whole front part should just be a screen.
There's really no reason to use Windows once all the major gaming dev comes to Mac.
Thailand is not even on the list yet...looks like I'm going to have to go get it in Australia
New Posts  All Forums: