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WinXP not allowed? But that's still the fastest OS compared to Vista and 7.
So was the search unlawful according to section 1524(g) of the CA Penal Code? Also the warrant did not allow a night search but the police were there at 9:45pm. Gizmodo's site explained it pretty thoroughly here.
What Google need is a marketing department.
Man this thing is ugly. Looks like a cheap imitation WM device. This seriously can't be the new design.
I've been using a Windows Mobile phone for the past 7 years. To me, I've never found much use for multi-tasking on a small screen, low resolution, low-powered PDA device. It's rather annoying actually b/c your device will slow down if you forget to quit your programs. I've used an iPhone for 2 years and haven't really had the need for complicated multi-tasking either. However I do see a need for multi-tasking for background process for 3rd party apps. For example,...
It's about f**g time! I've been waiting for these features for years! Seriously Microsoft couldn't have just made the version for Windows and Mac the same since the beginning? It's as if they were purposely making an inferior product for Mac users so that less business users would adopt a Mac. One thing that the article didn't mention was whether it had the ability to compress pictures. For example, if you want to put a large picture into PowerPoint you have to resize...
This adds to a list of reasons for ppl to JB their iPhones now. Cuz ppl will want to install apps that will fake the GPS location.
I wonder if this applies if you're not in the U.S.?
Ok ok it's great and all...but I only have one question...WHAT ABOUT GAMES????!!!!! Steve Jobs is keeping the old Apple tradition, and simply ignoring all the fun and games. I thought that the Apple advertisement said it was suppose to be more fun than Windows?!!! I mean seriously, there's a big group of people out there that play game on their mobile and it's not going to be fun for them to stare at a pretty iPhone all day long...
New Posts  All Forums: