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I hardly think the majority of consumers will buy a laptop based on its user-upgradability. Upgrading is a one-time thing, and you can do that at the Apple when you buy it. And if something malfunctions, most consumers will just take the laptop for repair. That's how most people would do it, and I'm glad Apple is the first company to realize that and design products that suits people's needs.
Someone with marketing background please answer...is Apple's brand value of $76.5 billion a measure of Apple's Brand Development Index (BDI)? Thanks. 
Like many others I'm not very happy with the new Maps app, but it really annoys me when I hear people moaning and complaining to get Google Maps back! Stop whining and give it some time! Part of the reason Google Maps became so widely accepted in the first place was because of the iPhone. With millions of iPhone 5 sold and millions more upgrading to iOS6, it's only a matter of time before Apple's map become as good as Google's map.
Green.  I practiced it for about 3 years with a self-training group and later had proper instructions only for about a year, and that's when I officially got my cordão.  
  Marketing 101...when doing SW analysis, the factors should be internal.  The last one there is obviously a threat.  
  I live overseas.  When the logic board failed on my white Macbook 14 months after it was purchased, I called up the U.S. Apple hotline and they approved a free repair at my local authorized repair center. And last January, precisely 13 months later, the logic board failed again!!!  I called the hotline again, and 4 days later after talking to about 3-4 Apple representatives, and after some serious complaining on my part, they approved another free repair. Wow!  
  I don't think it's thermonuclear.  $1 billion is just a slap on the wrist, that's how much they spent to market their products in the U.S. and they made $8 billion. They also won't have to redesign everything because their latest models are still allowed to be sold, and even if they did, the ball has already started rolling and they have enough fans to keep buying their products.  
Looks great.  The big question is, will the map of every country be available upon release or am I going to have to wait a year or more before the service becomes available in my country...like most other Apple's recent services.  
  I seriously doubt the round Home button with the square picture will change any time soon. It's one of the defining features of the iPhone.  Besides it's very useful for quickly turning on the phone with a quick push and swipe with the thumb, which is better than some Droid units out there that only has a power button on top or off to the sides.
By the way, I noticed that Safari removed Activity Window and replaced it with a Develop menu.  I use to download clips and other stuff off of the web with Activity Window, can anyone tell me how I can do this now?
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