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The retail version is still crap.  I've been using the DP for months on my MBA 11" late 2010 with 4GB ram, and there were lots of problems with Safari and Quicktime crashing and the entire machine freezing to the point to where the way to restart was to hold down the power button.  I was expecting all of this to be resolved with the full retail version, but it hasn't.  I'm considering a fresh install, which is something I've never had to do for a Mac before.  Has anyone...
Can anyone help.  I've currently got ML GM installed.  When I went to buy the retail version from the App Store, it warned that "Mountain Lion is currently installed on the system, are you sure you want to download?"  I pressed YES and purchase it, but instead of downloading, the status turned to DOWNLOADED immediately.  Then nothing happens.     So if I want to reinstall this retail version, do I have to do a clean install? 
  Why not?  I've been using the DP version for months and even though it's horribly unstable, I still think it's heaps better than Lion.  It's well worth the measly $19 especially if you've also other iOS devices.  
Can't wait. I've been running Mountain Lion DP for the last couple of months and GM for two weeks, and my MBA 11" (late 2010, 128 SSD, 4GB RAM) has been crashing like crazy.  If this shiatsu still happens when I install the retail version, amma sue Apple!  ...no actually I won't, but amma be pissed! 
I'll be the first in line to buy this thing.  I hate Droid's UI but I just love how small and light they are.
To be fair, let's not completely blame Microsoft for screwing the consumers over.  It's in both of the companies' business models to focus on selling their core products - MS selling software license and Nokia selling hardware - which unluckily for consumers means getting crappy products.
The big question is, will it run on my MBA 11"?   Another thing that would be awesome is if it runs on the iPad with AirPlay.
When I first switched from a Nokia to iPhone over four years ago, I had trouble adjusting to the way I had to hold the iPhone when dialling b/c my thumbs could not reach over the entire number pad comfortably.  If the screen gets even bigger, I might have to start holding it with two hands :(
  I can't imagine many people would enjoy the experience of managing their photo gallery through a sluggish web browser interface.  You can do it 10x faster and smoother on iTunes.  I think iCloud is great for syncing from Mac to iOS device, other than that I see no other use for it except maybe for emergencies when I have no access to either devices.  Therefore the only other useful feature I can think of for emergency situations is iMessage, which by the way is already...
It's cool that the map will be 3D, but personally I think all that graphic is too distracting.  I use Maps on my iPhone on a weekly basis when I drive because it helps me discover many short-cuts and small streets to avoid traffic.  However when ever I use the app, I always use 'standard' view because the roads are shown clearly.  For me, I would be much more interested in this new 3D map if Apple also released a turn-by-turn navigation app for driving.  That way I can...
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