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The UI doesn't look too bad actually.  It's very iPhone-like compared to Android.  http://youtu.be/JEPYYo0-gfc
I get extremely bored when people still complain about specs. In the end what matters to consumer is the value they get from a great user experience, not from hardware specs. Zzz...
NOOOOooooo. Keep the iPhone 4 design, but just make it thinner. If it morphs back to the curve design, then everyone's case would look the same. With the iPhone 4, people have a choice between a bumper or full body. Right now, I love how my Vapor Pro bumper looks and I wouldn't want to change it
I don't understand the branding strategy behind this. Why would Intel claim the rights to the name Ultrabook, when actually they just make the chips and boards that goes into the Ultrabooks that are manufactured by PC vendors. In the end, consumers still aren't going to call them Intel Ultrabooks, instead they'll still refer to the vendor's brand.
I don't believe this BS. Games have quickly evolved to be controlled by touch, sensors, etc. and we see that in all popular games such as Angry Bird, Plant vs. Zombies, Cut the Rope. Even great action games like Infinity Blade, FPS like Modern Warfare, and RPG like Final Fantasy have been optimized to be controlled by touch. Even if a controller was available, it wouldn't be compatible with the majority of the games available today. If this rumor is true, I don't...
I agree with you half way on this one. I think it's nice that Apple added the new Reminders app so that it can integrate with iOS. But I actually preferred it better in Lion how Reminders is integrated into Calendar. Apple should have done the same as Contacts in Mail. You can check your contacts within Mail, but if you want to open the Contacts app, just click open Contacts button. By the way, can anyone tell me if by using geotagging for reminder, does it waste your...
In the McDonald's coffee case, the jury awarded Stella Liebeck, the 79-year-old coffee victim, $160,000 to cover medical expenses and compensatory damages and $2.7 million in punitive damages. In the end after several appeals, she ended up settling out of court and received around $600,000. I wonder how must this lady will get from Apple.
Great, now I have to waste more money to repurchase all my apps in HD version, cuz you know most of these aren't going to be free upgrades.
You don't have to use the same account for all devices. My family has three devices using the same Apple ID for purchasing apps in the App Store, but separate ID's for everything else. All you do is set up the devices with different accounts. Then go into Settings>App Store and click on the account at the bottom > choose 'sign out' > then sign back in with the one ID you use to purchase apps. Note that it is important to setup the devices with separate ID's at the...
I love my Mac and iDevices, but as far as I see, this is totally good news. More competition might finally encourage Apple to reduce their prices a bit.
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