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Why complicate things? If you're going to turn the input device into a secondary screen only for widgets, why not just turn the primary screen into an input device and get rid of the trackpad all together? And while they're at it, get rid of the keyboard too...oh wait a minute, they've done that already...
Thinner keyboard to make thinner laptops would be nice, but also need thinner adaptor to go with it too. I love how easy it is to carry around my 11" MBA in its sleeve, but I hate having that big bulge coming from that brick of an adaptor!
I need the IR sensor for the remote back, b/c I use it to teach EVERYDAY. I hate packing around my Logitech presenter with the hugh dongle that sticks out on the side of my 11" MBA.
A hybrid OSX + iOS...wouldn't Liger have been a more suitable name? Anyway, whatever name it is, these are the features I've been waiting for. Man I love Apple.
This is stupid. He should have written to Microsoft and Google instead.
Too late, app deleted.
No matter what, Apple will lose this case in China, and I can bet the Chinese judge is going to get a hefty sum of that $38M... whoops, did I just say something wrong...
One girl walked into my class the other day talking on one of these and I had to do a double take because it was half as big as her head and too huge for a girl to be holding. The way she was holding it was really awkward because instead of holding it in her palm and gripping with her fingers, she held it from the bottom with her four fingers supporting the back and her thumb gripping the front, sort of like how you would hold a small book up to read.
Agreed. I don't understand all the non-Apple haters here. Why diss the stylus? Anyhow Apple hasn't totally given up the ideas of incorporating a stylus. They have numerous stylus patents, for example like this one for Heated Stylus. There are also rumors that Apple might launch a stylus for education or for iOS Aperture.
Sony might actually be able to do it. They've taken full control of their phone business last October 2011 by buying back the Swedish venture shares from Ericsson for $920M. Check out their new Sony Xperia S and see what it can do. http://youtu.be/RUdXtQuL4fA
New Posts  All Forums: