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Oh yeah, Imma put them stickers on my rear windshield to pimp out my CRV.
Branding is very important, and it's never going to happen with a name and logo like "Samsung"...
I don't get this whole accusation that MS is "cheating the consumers" by over charging? If I believe I had a great product, I would definitely try to sell at higher margins also. And if people are willing to pay my asking price, then what's the problem?
The larger screen and smaller bezel is great. But I also can't help wonder if Samsung gets a kick out of trying to piss Apple off by copying bits and pieces of Apple's products, like the keyboard on this model.
This might be a dumb question because I've never used a dock for my Air before, but doesn't the system Sleep if you close the lid of your Mac? And even if it can run while closed, the heat that normally dissipates through the keyboard will get trapped. I don't think the Air will get too hot, but in my past experience with the Pros, it gets extremely hot. So won't this damage the screen or something?
Here it goes again. Somebody always complains about their old iPhone not getting the full feature of the new iOS. Three years ago when you bought your 3Gs, did Apple advertise or promise you that in three years you'll be getting FaceTime, iMessage, Notification Center, etc.? NO! You should be happy that you're even getting the update at all. Besides your 3Gs got iCloud, iMessage and Notification Center, which are extremely huge features. So stop moaning, otherwise just...
Good for Google and good for us Apple fans. This will only make Apple more competitive and make better products and lower costs.
Awesome. At first I wasn't going to send my 2 Nanos in for replacement because I use them in the car daily, but I guess I'll be sending them in first in the morning.
While Apple and Google are competing in tablet OS, I'm curious to see how successful Microsoft Windows 8 will be when it's launched next year. Since it will be compatible with both tablets and PCs, and assuming it works well, I'm guessing it will take back some market share from the tablet market.
I will now patent "Punctuations acronyms for curse words input method for mobile terminal". So if anybody types F_&*k@ a*s&#! I will sue you.
New Posts  All Forums: