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A 7" iPad would be perfect for gaming. The iPhone is too small and the iPad is too clunky and heavy for gaming. Instead of holding the iPad with both hands and using your thumbs, you have to put the iPad on a flat surface and use your index fingers, which just doesn't work for certain games.
Are you using Safari browser? I can see it fine on my iPhone 4 and MBA.
Well said. And that's why I love my Apple products so much.
Yeah but have you noticed how difficult it is to access these shortcuts in the setting? In Settings, the only option with an on/off switch is Airplane Mode. For Wifi and Personal Hotspot, you've got to navigate down one level, and with Bluetooth you've got to navigate down another three levels. That's ridiculous and that's why we want these shortcuts. I mean if the iPhone's battery lasted 2-3 days, I wouldn't care, but seeing how I have to recharge it almost daily, I...
How about revamping the accessories as well? I have two things on my wish list: 1) Ultra-thin adapter. It's so convenient to carry around an 11" Air in a sleeve, but then you have this bulky brick to deal with also. 2) Bring back the IR sensor or make a new Bluetooth remote, which I really need for my presentations.
Docks are for dinosaurs. Most people who have a dock only use it to connect a wired mouse and keyboard and a monitor. Why not go with Apple's solution and make everything bluetooth or connect through Thunderbolt - clean and simple!
Amazon is a good company, but selling a phone? To me, it would be comparable to a Walmart-branded phone. Who would want that?
Doesn't seem like this new charger would be too difficult for Apple to make, and I'm surprised Apple hadn't already made it. The current Airport Express is the same brick design with built-in LAN, USB, and an audio output jacks. What I'm really looking for is a slimmer adapter to fit into a sleeve along with my Macbook Air. Maybe something like this HP travel adapter.
IconProject from the App Store cost 99ยข and does just this. What's great is that it has built-in pictures, fonts, and various icon customization tool to make your own icons. I really love this because now I no longer have a reason to JB my iPhone. I just hope Apple doesn't patch this up.
June 2012...late yet again. It'll be interesting to see what features this BB will have to compete against iPhone 5 and the load of Android and WP7 phones that will be out.
New Posts  All Forums: