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Agreed. And we should consider ourselves lucky too compared to Android and Windows Mobile customers who don't get any updates at all.
I'll stick with my 11". You can't beat the portability on this thing! However it'll total perfection if remote sensor is put back in, and louder speakers and and 3G is added.
I upgraded my 3GS but didn't have any problems you're having. In contrast, mine actually runs quite a bit smoother than before. Regarding your power consumption issue, iCloud pushes a lot more information so it might help to turn off some of the services you don't use. However, I believe your biggest problem is that you JB your phone. Prior to upgrading, I JB my phone running iOS 4.3.3 and the back lid was constantly hot after playing games or doing something for an...
Seriously, it's time break open the piggy bank and upgrade to a Lion-compatible Mac. You're missing out on a lot of great features that will make your life easier. I also don't understand why your friends don't want to upgrade to iOS5. Is it because they have older hardware? I upgraded my 3GS and it actually runs more smoothly than before.
Forget Dropbox! Box.net is much better, especially since they're giving away 50GB free storage until December.
For those who haven't already seen this, its utter proof that Samsung is NOT copying Apple. -->HERE
I don't get why you say this it's too complex? Has Apple ID change policy changed recently? I changed my Apple ID from Hotmail to Gmail about 4 months ago and it was easy as pie. The only thing you have to do is type in your new Apple ID and verify the three-digit security code for your credit card.
Watching the demo video makes Siri seems really amazing and useful. It's like what we see in the movies are actually becoming a reality. Too bad you have to speak American to use it.
1st lawyer: "Damn, I am soooo fired!" 2nd lawyer: "Hell yeah! I guessed it right!"
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