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Almost every BB users I know use WhatsApp now because it's cross-platform. So as more and more people become less reliant on BBM, then the appeal of using a BB becomes less and less. Plus I'm predicting that iMessage will be hugely popular. The future of BB looks grim.
There goes their one and only core competency. Nothing else to pull out of the hat anymore.
I have my iPhone plugged in and I keep checking iTunes every half hour to see if iOS5 is out yet. I want to be one of the first to download it in case there is heavy download traffic that might jam up iTunes later. On the other hand, does anybody know which features of iOS5 will not be available for iPhone 3GS? My wife has a 3GS that she wants to keep until iPhone 5 comes out.
This is actually better than WhatsApp b/c you'll get instant notification if your iMessage doesn't go through. That way you can decide to send it via SMS for important messages. As for WhatsApp, it could be minutes or hours later before you realize that your friend never received your message. Every time that happens in WhatsApp, I end up sending another SMS to make sure my message is received.
All carriers around the world are probably griping at this, but actually it's about time they innovate and give consumers better services rather than continue to thrive from this out-dated technology. For me, more than three quarter of the people I know own an iDevice, and those who own a Blackberry prefer BBM because WhatsApp server is so annoying slow some time, so maybe this will be a good chance for me to stop using WhatsApp forever.
Exactly. It's what make the user experience excellent. And that's the thing I love about the iPhone and the Mac, your old hardware doesn't become obsolete immediately when a new OS or model comes out. The only thing I wish iPhone had was external memory card. Right now, with all the important apps and music installed, and photos from the camera roll on my 32GB iPhone 4, it has only 500MB left. I still want to put all of my iPhoto library and some movies in there but I...
Another reason to jailbreak my iPhone, so I can install "Fake My Location" app.
I'm excited about the PC-free feature. Hopefully this means I no longer have to keep my 60GB of apps I've accumulated over 3 years on my 128GB MacBook Air.
Wow they replaced the whole monitor for free? I wonder if this courtesy is only offered in the U.S.? I had the same dent problem for my 6 months old 17" MBP but they wouldn't repair it for free here in Thailand.
Will it recognize Ebonics or foreign accents?
New Posts  All Forums: