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Tegeril, It's the high-res antiglare 15" that's being delayed; not the 17". That's b/c all of the 17" have the same resolution LCD, while the 15" is 1440x900 default with the 1680x1050 upgrade option. I originally ordered the high-res antiglare 15" online. When it hadn't shipped in a few days, I went to great lengths to find an Apple store with some models in stock. Luckily, the model I wanted (the highest end 15" with high-res antiglare screen and no other...
You can't get the 15" anti-glare in stores ! You have to wait for them to ship.
No, the entire architecture changed. Clock speed hasn't been really relevant since the Pentium III. The core iX chips are much more efficient -- per clock -- than the C2Ds. However, as I posted earlier; those GPUs blow. I was holding my breath and money for this upgrade, but with such an underpowered GPU, I wonder if it's worth it. (*It's a fine GPU for most things, but I do GPU programming (CUDA/OpenCL) for my research as a grad student, and these GPUs are just weak...
Holy crap those GPUs suck !
And still no mention of the PowerVR SGX chip model number !
Did you get a new one already? My local AT&T and Apple store are fresh out of stock; they told me to come back in ~1.5 weeks. I didn't have any dead pix/subpix, but I do have a tiny speck of dust/dirt beneath the glass and above the LCD. I'm trying to decide if this problem is widespread enough that by replacing it I stand a good chance of getting another with dust/dead pix. Also, Taskiss, I'm sure you're a nice/awesome/smart/cool person; but I totally don't believe...
Sorry, you are right. I am just thinking about the law in my home state. The following states require the consent of both parties: California, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania and Washington ( State ). Given this information, and Apple's penchant for avoiding controversial Apps, i wouldn't expect to find this in the app store. However, a quick Google search has suggested there are a few...
Indeed! In order to record a phone call, you must either: a) Have a warrant. b) Have the consent of *both* parties. c) Be an overbearing government with complete disregard for the civil liberties of your citizens.
Is there any confirmation from the different teardowns concerning what GPU the iPhone 3GS actually has? I've heard conflicting reports. Some say its the PowerVR SGX 520, others the 535. Neither the ifixit teardown nor the rapidrepair teardown say much about the GPU model.
ohh ohh, any official verification of the GPU model yet?
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