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I am rather excited by this news. I will replace the RCD-810 in my 2013 Golf TDI. I have already been thinking about dumping my desire for an Audi A3 partially do to their lack of adoption of CarPlay (also because the lack of sportback). 
@snova - never a problem... and as far as the frustration... yeah... I have boycotted the company. Sadly... we are still sending money Samsung's way by the very nature of buying Apple products... but hopefully that will change in these next few years.
I wouldn't say that.... previously Samsung seemed to have been reacting to what Apple was releasing. 
I haven't read all the posts to this article... so forgive me if I repeat someone else's question.... but....   Doesn't it seem of late that Samsung is setting its product roadmap to the voices of the Apple rumour mill?
I think you have this wrong... as the Judge said nothing of the sort. What he did say was that the typical consumer is not expecting perfection and understands that a commercial would not showcase flaws in the product.
Let me add my six-pence here. I for one very much want to see my Apple Maps pushed up as well as some other features. However, I agree with others that Apple is not a good fit for the end-to-end. The core needs to be completely self contained. Ideally, you will see google's effort as the basis and support for Apple's integration laid on top. I say this because Apple's system requires there to be a core system already in place and seems not to be meant as the full...
 Again... stealing ideas... or simply taking ideas and running with them is not the issue. The issue is when a company is blatant about stealing, duplicating to the point of causing consumer confusion... I am talking more about hardware here... not so much about software. we should not hijack this thread... (somewhat sorry to have provided a playful response)... but just want to say that you are moderately right in that Google won the patent phase. Google lost the...
 The key to that poster's quote... is "IDEAS" which is altogether different!
@2385amh I just wanted to say that I am in the market for an A1 or A3 - still have not decided. I am sure that this tech won't reach these cars for a year or more. It won't change my mind in my decision one bit. It however saddens me that I could not get the implementation that Apple created... I do like a lot of what they have designed. Now... if a BMW or MB came along.. and had a good car (which they both have a few of)... and its inside tech was exactly what I wanted......
Lucky people! I had to settle with an iMac :(   but maybe when supply stabilises I will get the new beast.
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