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This seems to me to be the first time that Apple is (potentially) entering a new segment and the current players are taking it seriously. 
@apple ][ 1 trillion up votes to you fine sir!!!!
Thank you Marvin - I cannot believe I didn't recognise it from the keynote.
References: http://www.apple.com/fr/ipad-mini-3/   I am trying to figure out which game Apple used for this iPad photo. Does anyone know by chance? (and more importantly, can you share that knowledge???)  
AI, Can you run a story on the Whitehouse petition to have MCX's policies reviewed? We really need to get traction on this.
I have a collection of 20540 songs (from 1471 albums) all in ALAC from direct CD rips aside from a few AAC purchased albums. My library consumes 529,65 GB. All-in-All I think a 512GB storage option would be most fantastic. Of course, I have also considered moving my ALAC files to AAC 256, because there is a certain level of pain with having this large of a library.
That is what I would like to know. It seems to me that at the most basic level, if the consortium holds a commanding control in the retail sector, or even a specific sector or retail... and they use that leverage to intentionally block a competitor, then yes they are in violation. But I am not a lawyer... so what do I know.
Wouldn't this consortium of companies who are blocking (in the way they are) payments in lieu of using their own system subject to the same rules and regulations that govern anti-trust?   Does anyone know of a direct link and/or email address where we can file a complaint with the FTC? I would love to see an investigation started on this matter... or atleast some "official" stance on the matter.
I wonder if they are down (or horribly slow in my case) because so many are truly interested in Carplay equipment. 
 You must be topping this list of understated responses! 
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