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I am biting at the bit.... in hopes of the 12"... the rumours all point to what I really need... just hope reality meets some of those expectations. 
Did any other developers not get this letter?
Why isn't there a climate of mis-trust on Google's commitment to "features" that they implement for their services. Google used to have a health protocol / app in place... but killed it off. Now they want to do it again because their main competitor is? Seriously?
Considering that (real) 4g is a 100/Mbs technology... are they saying that this will now be 200/Mbs... or are they talking about doubling LTE Advanced which has download speeds of up to 1 Gbit/s making it now 2 Gbit/s. Sorry for being so cynical... but I hate how America has basterdised the meaning of 4G.
I am rather excited by this news. I will replace the RCD-810 in my 2013 Golf TDI. I have already been thinking about dumping my desire for an Audi A3 partially do to their lack of adoption of CarPlay (also because the lack of sportback). 
@snova - never a problem... and as far as the frustration... yeah... I have boycotted the company. Sadly... we are still sending money Samsung's way by the very nature of buying Apple products... but hopefully that will change in these next few years.
I wouldn't say that.... previously Samsung seemed to have been reacting to what Apple was releasing. 
I haven't read all the posts to this article... so forgive me if I repeat someone else's question.... but....   Doesn't it seem of late that Samsung is setting its product roadmap to the voices of the Apple rumour mill?
I think you have this wrong... as the Judge said nothing of the sort. What he did say was that the typical consumer is not expecting perfection and understands that a commercial would not showcase flaws in the product.
Let me add my six-pence here. I for one very much want to see my Apple Maps pushed up as well as some other features. However, I agree with others that Apple is not a good fit for the end-to-end. The core needs to be completely self contained. Ideally, you will see google's effort as the basis and support for Apple's integration laid on top. I say this because Apple's system requires there to be a core system already in place and seems not to be meant as the full...
New Posts  All Forums: