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I got the phone literally 2 weeks ago. I'm basically on holiday now and will be back in around 2 more weeks. You think they will let me still take out insurance after this time? If so then ill try that first before going to Apple.
My iphone 4 has sustained some partial water damage. I can only see a half circle in the headphone jack but no indicated at the bottom end. Should I see both? The phone still works however some things dont. eg it won't play audio in speaker mode and the sleep wake button doesn't work. Will I be able to get Apple to replace it within the warranty? If not how much am I looking at for repair via Apple? Thanks
Seems to be happening several times a week now on my iphone 4. Anyone else experiencing this?
I only noticed these issues after updating to 4.3.1. Firstly once a week my calender seems to skip forward a day and I have to keep pushing it back a day. I think it's on a Friday or weekend it happens. On my ipod on some songs it for some reasons shows the artwork for a totally different album. But in itunes it looks fine. I haven't changed anything manually either. It seems to mostly use images from anything i've added recently. Has anyone else experienced...
No not just the bigger screen, well kind of yeah. Would make surfing and watching movies a lot nicer an experience so why not? But also some are now dual core. Granted Android won't make use of that until honeycomb but still even in honeycomb they plan to hardware accelerate the UI so they will see a big step up then in terms of matching the experience with iphone. I know we can looking forward to a revamped notifications system but I really hope there is more in the...
Thanks for the swift reply. It's a shame that might be the case, although I love my iphone 4 and I think the new notifications im tempted by a few of the newly announced Android phones. SE Arc, Sammy GS2, Moto Atrix, LG Optimus 2X.
Is it plausabile we could see a bigger screen- 4/4.3"?
I hope they do a mass recall.
I need to find one that allows you set a time from which to start encdoing... basically I have a long video and I want to rip part of it out but I don't think handbrake allows me to do that.
Will Apple not just fix it and phase them out with allowing people to return them?
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