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Apple isn't building another flat screen / HD / 3D etc with nothing to offer other than what Apple TV already does + screen. That does NOT sound like the "go to" market strategy Apple has been looking for. Has apple built prototypes of a television? probably, but it's not going to market. Step 1. The go to market strategy starts with licensing. (sports channels, premium channels ie cinemax, showtime, other networks etc.) a very similar model that current cable...
reminds me of Batman "The Dark Knight" , when the Joker walks into the gathering of criminals and shoves a pencil into some guys head as a magic trick. Not trying to paint Steve in a bad light, just a random thought that popped into my head as I read this article. Oh, and in case anyone is interested (it's non alcoholic ) But definitely a drink that could use a 2 to 3 ounces of vodka imo : Mango Lassi Recipe: INGREDIENTS 1 cup plain yogurt 1/2 cup milk...
The iPhone successful? Yes. Do most people run apps on it more often then other mobile devices? Yes Do more individuals browse the internet on it more often then other smart phones? Yes Does this mean that it runs "on the road" applications to the fullest potential of a mobile device? NO Why? screen size period. You can complain about OS4.0 vs OSX all day, but the reality of the success of mobile computing for the average Joe (95% of target market) vs super...
I'm done with AT&T as of this. Not only is the action pure hypocrisy , they now have the nerve to release a PR statement to shed light on it.
incoming iPhone XL / tablet imo
Nice ideas but... If a mass market consumer device can authenticate a person by dna or fingerprint, well to put it broadly, there will be a lot of negative attention drawn to the possibility that "a hacker could potentially steal your phone and hence steal your DNA or fingerprint since it's stored on the device".
Didn't Jon Stewart have a show on CNN recently (or currently)? I never got a chance see a single show. I wanted to see if the show was a comedy show or something else.
While this article implies that AT&T is not known to state things they don't actually plan on accomplishing... I think some one might have spiked his drink before he got on stage or something. Maybe he was replying to an interviewer question "What are some of the most unrealistically features we might see in a future iPhone?" Many of these futuristic ideas sound great until you actually think them through, which apparently he has not. * Unlock doors with your phone? ...
touché . what can I say, I've been caught red handed. I favor regulated, socialistic business practice. That is of course when I'm the consumer and not the one conducting the business
Now I'm not an expert on anything legal but there has to be some sort of fairness act violation type thing goin on here.
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