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Raised from 140 to 10,000. Soooo...email basically?
Let's just list the useless collection of compulsory Apps I move off into my 9th iPhone screen -    Health Tips Newsstand Videos Compass Notes Voice Memos Maps Stocks Game Center Passbook iBooks   Thanks for adding one more Apple!
So...how is this going to work in the world outside the USA where chip & PIN is commonplace?
U2 are not a mega-popular band. They receive about 2 months of MASSIVE hype every few years when they release an album, but beyond that they're totally off the radar. The only thing 'mega' about them is the ego of the giant turd who sings for them.
Only one extreme naysayer in this mention of bitcoin on Appleinsider. The environment is certainly changing. Who knows what's next? Maybe the ignorant blowhards might actually do some research into this thing they're up in arms against?
Why do assets have to fall into one neat category or another? Gold and silver used to straddle two categories, why can't bitcoin? What's wrong with speculating on value during these early days of price discovery whilst the network effect is teaching more people about what money actually represents and how the current central banking-fiat system is broken to the core.   The fact that people can travel the world and spend their bitcoins in more than 4000 locations today...
I've found the people who laugh the most at bitcoin are the ones who understand it the least. It's a peer-to-peer, distributed, cryptographically secure means of transferring ownership tokens. It just so happens that the tokens have a value attached to them in traditional currencies. A complete transaction ledger is always available meaning every token can be tracked. There's a hard creation limit meaning no inflation of tokens once fully established. And the...
Why not bitcoin? It's secure, truly peer-to-peer and as anonymous as you want it to be. The only thing is it breaks the hold of large centralised services such as banks, as well as the PayPals, Facebooks, Googles and Apples of this world, which is why they're all trying to create their own, platform-locked payment alternatives. I'll choose freedom, thanks.
 Well done on moving the goalposts. First it's the claim that keeping PayPal and Square on the app store but banning bitcoin is not hypocritical, but then you change it to 'well, bitcoin and legal tender are not the same thing'. Nice shift there. By the way, bitcoin is legal tender. As in, it's not illegal and it's a form of tender. And then you ignore the rest of my reply and try to put words into my mouth regarding a previous claim as to Apple's motives behind all of...
 Perhaps what I meant to say was 'double standards' - perfectly exemplified by the existence of PayPal & Square on the App Store, whilst bitcoin is banned. Has PayPal never been used for fraud or drugs? Has Square never processed a fraudulent credit card? To suggest they haven't is just wishful thinking. Silk Road was not a bitcoin exchange. Drug marketplace does not equal exchange, or do you not understand that? An exchange is where people buy and sell bitcoins for other...
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