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So I could not use an Apple TV with my Home Cinema amp that requires just one HDMI on the TV?
If I may say so, i sense we are in complete agreement. You value the position Europe has attained on this as do I. It is just that the US (and China etc.) have not got there yet. I was not trying to wave a magic wand and pretend it should be instantly different in the US, I was merely noting this is something for the US to work on. For now the various factors you mention conspire against movement on this. There is an inevitability to improvement over time though as people...
OK. It's just not healthy. The US and China (etc.) need to do something about this work/life balance thing. Across the European Union there has been, for many years, a 'working time directive' (part of health and safety criminal law) that requires all employees to work no more than 48 hours per week (on average over a 17 week rolling period) and employers are committing a criminal act to breach this. Unless the company forbids employees (by policy) from exempting...
If the content is supplied through the cloud then surely having Warner would enable all Warner material to be provided in any country? Having one big one like this along with say, Disney, would be enough to show people want it and money can be made throught this 21st century approach. I agree with you on keeping things simple; Apple could leave Time Warner to be run as a wholly-owned subsidiary like FileMaker, so Apple does not have to become directly expert in managing...
Market cap of Time Warner is $37bn; Apple could buy them and have lots of content to start the ball rolling!
Presumably Dell should liquidate its assets and return the money to their shareholders...
How will they know it is from Siri rather than someone typing in a request manually?
Your logic is impeccable, and I agree with it too. Not all organisations are quite the yet.
Good reply. Thanks. Would be better if there is an official way to place a purchase order and have it delivered though, on something other than a USB drive.
Your experience may be narrower than you think.
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