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It is not obvious from Mac app store offering that the download can be used to create an installer on a removable disk. How would you sort out the licensing in a large business, given that the Mac app store licences for an Apple account holder for all the computers in the same house?
So for organisations that have computers isolated from the internet and who prohibit USB thumb drives for security reasons still don't have a way to upgrade. Of course Apple needs to engage more with such organisations to get more Macs into them in the first place.
90% of the parking is going to be underground.
In fact all they need to do (unless they do make it more widely available on the app store) is to produce it as a BBC-developed app and enable its upload to any BBC-registered iDevice, which almost any organisation can do for its own iDevices.
Curious there has been so much responsiveness for Apple-related technologies from the BBC in recent times as for what seemed like many years the BBC declined to stream content using QuickTime (even after it was adopted as the basis of the MPEG4-related ISO standard) and thereby effectively limited Mac and then iOS users access to various content. For a public service broadcaster in particular, it was never quite clear why that was. These new developments are therefore most...
There have indeed been some rough edges to MM but regarding the duplicating contacts, there is a one-time action that you need to do (see Apple Support pages) that will ensure contacts are correctly synced and do not include iTunes-synced content as well as MM-synced content. Simply turning off iTunes synced contacts doesn't fix it (a rough edge). It is most gratifying though once it has been sorted and then works well.
I've successfully tried out the BA app that let's you have an electronic boarding pass and simply have a barcode on the iPhone scanned at various stages when proceeding through the Airport. it worked well! So with this you could be completely paperless!
Is a book a handheld thing? Apparently not if it needs to be less than 5 inches on the diagonal! If you need a small 'connected' device, get an iPhone but if you want a 'universal' reader device with beautifully scaleable print to cater for different eyesight that can also act as a multifunctional device like the iPhone and yet maybe have a user-facing camera for video conferencing etc; now there really is excellent potential in that.
Well, as Barack Obama is apparently a Mac user, perhaps at least these Agencies in the US will need to be more open minded after Jan 2009! A few CIOs should perhaps start thinking!
That's great to know. Why not point your contacts at this thread as there have already been concerning lapses reported above that they should do something about. Regarding the iPhone, Apple listed all the key demands of 'users' (after the first one had been out for a time) and seemed to have collaborated with 'industry'/'enterprise' to identify what would make it work there. Perhaps they should do the same with the Mac. I too have difficulty getting Macs at work; they are...
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